Fall Burlap & Pumpkin Wreath

My sister is moving into her new home this week and I thought it would be nice to make her a housewarming gift. The one thing she requested was a Fall wreath… something to last from September to November she said. Yep, that I can do!

DIY fall burlap wreath


  • straw wreath (still in plastic)
  • greenery pins
  • burlap (on clearance from Michael’s at 70% off)
  • (2) boxes of Fall foliage from Hobby Lobby (50% off)
  • large sunflower
  • floral wooden picks

fall burlap wreath suppliesDIRECTIONS:
The first thing I did was wrap the wreath form in the burlap. I just pinned it into place using greenery pins.

fall burlap wreath ideasHere’s what it should look like after the wrapping…

burlap fall wreath tutorialNext I added the burlap ruffles. Just loop and pin into place. You really can’t mess this part up. And if one part doesn’t look right in the end, just unpin that area and start over again.

fall burlap ruffle wreathTo add the Fall foliage (pumpkins, leaves, gourds, berries), I used some floral wooden picks. This worked perfectly since the Fall foliage are made out of styrofoam. I just stuck one end of the wooden pick into the foam décor item, and one end into the plastic wrapped straw wreath form. Might take a minute to get it through the burlap, but then it should slide right into the wreath form.

fall pumpkin burlap wreathI spaced my Fall foliage around the wreath form first before I began adhering them with the wooden picks. It just helped me space everything out. Also, for the orange leaves, I just used greenery pins.

And soon it will look like this…

DIY fall burlap wreathI have to admit, I’m kinda sad that I have to part with this wreath.
I’m kinda in love with it.

fall burlap wreath

fall burlap wreath DIY

fall burlap DIY wreathI have some more Fall projects coming up this week. Crazy that’s it already time to start thinking about it, but my kid starts school next week and the cooler weather will be here before we know it!

DIY fall burlap wreath tutorial

Rope Nautical Wreath

Every year my entire family (brothers, sister, parents, grandkids and all) head to Panama City Beach for 1 week of vacation relaxing on the beach. This year though we decided to try something that we haven’t done in 15 years… head to Breckenridge, Colorado for a week in the mountains. We leave mid July but it can’t come soon enough.

So I think this next project came from wanting a little piece of the beach with me at home this summer since I won’t be seeing it in person. So say hello to my Rope Nautical Wreath…

rope nautical wreathI have to admit, I totally winged this project. I would like to say that I totally thought it out and planned all of the pieces, but it was really a hodge podge of different items I had in my craft stash, plus one or two new finds.

rope nautical wreath suppliesSUPPLIES:

  • straw wreath form (still in plastic)
  • 100ft sisal rope
  • greenery pins
  • twine
  • seashell garland from Michael’s (on sale for $10)
  • anchor hook from Hobby Lobby (on sale for $4)

Start my wrapping your rope around the wreath form. Pin in place on the back side every so often with a greenery pin.

rope nautical wreath tutorialBecause the rope is a little thick, you’ll need some gaps in your design. I just went back over my gaps with another layer of rope afterwards.

rope wreathAnd here’s what it looked like when I was done with the rope layers…

rope nautical wreath craftNext it was time to add the little anchor I found at Hobby Lobby. Since it was a hook, I just unscrewed the hook part off the back so I could use the anchor part on my wreath.

nautical rope wreathI attached to the wreath form with a little bit of twine.

wreath rope nauticalI added the seashells the same way… just wrapped a little bit of twine about 2 times around the wreath and shells to secure in place. I tied a knot in the twine on the back side of wreath form.

And that’s it. Pretty simple wreath but I love the look! I’m thinking about adding some nautical fabric as a bow or hanger but for now this suits me just fine.

rope nautical wreath

rope seashell wreath tutorial

rope seashell wreathSo are you guys headed to the beach this summer,
or do you have different vacation plans?

I have to admit, I’m pretty stoked about Colorado.
Ellie has never been and her favorite activity right now is hiking.
Plus getting a break from the heat will be SO NICE!

rope nautical wreath