Seeing Red: Quick Change to an Everyday Chair

Hi, my name is Erin and I’m addicted to the color red.

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system! For any of you who know me personally (or my home), you would know that I’m obsessed with the color red. I think almost every room of my house has a pop of the color. I even have a bright red accent wall in my kitchen and dining room.

So I ran across this sad little chair at Goodwill for $3 and thought she needed a new home and a fresh coat of paint. Hmm… what color? Red of course!

I decided to try Krylon’s industrial spray paint in Cherry Red for the first time!

And WOW! Isn’t it amazing what a simple coat of paint can do?

I absolutely LOVED this Krylon spray paint! Went on super smooth with no drips AND it was a one coat coverage!

Plus it dried super fast! The spray paint can says 12 minutes or less and it’s absolutely true. PLUS I painted this at about 9pm one night and had it in the rain the next day with no problems whatsoever. The paint held up perfectly. LOVE.

And spray paint is definitely the best application for spindles in my book! No brush strokes and super smooth coverage.

Yes, I adore a simple coat of paint on a simple chair. No need  for distressing… this chair is going in my {someday} craft room and it will get plenty of wear and tear on its own!

I should be sharing my craft room makeover in the next week or two. Just have a couple of finishing touches and I’ll be ready!


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    I adore that chair!! I know what you mean about the spray paint! I am a black and gold spray paint addict LOL! This post just inspired me to finally paint/stencil the breadbox i got over a week ago! Isn’t if awesome to be able to give things life for 4 bucks LOL!

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    Don’t you just love Spray Paint? Ordinary turns Unique, Eww turn to Wow! Red happens to be my favorite color but I’ve yet to incorporate it into my decor. I have been doing a lot of red for my daughter’s home though and I love it. Great job on the chair!

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    I love your chair…I just bought one almost exactly like it an antique store to put in my kids’ bathroom. It is very sweet…you are right…it’s just cheery!

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    Oh, forgot to mention…I paid 18.00 for my chair so you got a really great deal. Of course mine was already painted and distressed but I think your way of doing it was much better! I am following now so that I can see what else you’ve got up your sleeves… ;)

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