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Last month I shared with you my Craft Room Makeover

craft-room-makeover-from-how-to-nest-for-lessOne of the items that got the most attention and questions was the 10ft long desk that my hubby and I built. So today I thought I’d share with you the tutorial on how to create this DIY Craft Desk!

craft room desk tutorialMy craft room is extremely small… only 10 x 10ft. I need a good workspace that was functional, plus lots of storage. After looking at local stores and online for the perfect desk, I finally came to realization that I would have to build my own (or spend over $1,000 for something similar to what I wanted).

It all started with these white kitchen base cabinets we purchased from Lowe’s. The middle one is a 30 inch wide with two drawers that we purchased for $169. The end cabinets are each 18 inches. Cost was $112 each.

For the top of the desk we used 3/4 inch plywood. Make sure your pieces are flush going across the entire 10 foot desk. We laid out first at Lowe’s so we wouldn’t have any surprise ridges when we got home!

To attach the plywood to the cabinets, we used L brackets on the underside of the wood so it can’t be seen.

Next it was time to add the top to the desk. At first I was going to use oak and stain it, but after talking it over with my hubby, I realized that I wanted something that could easily be replaced when I mark it up with my exacto knife, hot glue gun or anything other type of scratch or ding.

So we used laminate flooring! Yep, I found some Allure laminate flooring on clearance and paid $12 for a box that covered the entire desk… with plenty to spare! I just followed the interlocking edge design to install. To cut where I needed, I just scored with a utility knife and snapped off the excess pieces. No need to glue down, those gray edges above are super sticky.

Lookin’ pretty, right? Only took about 10 minutes to install the laminate.

Next we added some white trim to the front. Just nailed it into place with finishing nails, filled in the holes and gave it a quick coat of flat white.

Did you notice before that the bottom of the cabinets were bare? We added some white toe kicks to give it a finished look!

Now to make a hole in the top of the desk for all of our computer cords to go through. We used this special drill bit (above).

OK, now I have to admit, this is where a major project FAIL came in. Yep, we screwed up the first one. Not because of the drill bit, but because the circle drill bit was the wrong size! So, am I super happy that I used a laminate top that’s easily replaceable? You betcha!

Here’s the replaced section of the desk and the perfectly drilled hole for all my cords. And that’s it. Here’s some after shots!



If you want to see the rest of the Craft Room, click here!

diy craft desk tutorial


  1. says

    Love that you used laminate flooring–genius! We’ve used that drill bit before for the same purpose, and I think it’s so cool that you can make your own holes for cords without having to spend tons of money! Great job!

  2. BeccaW says

    Fantastic tutorial, thanks for sharing it! Using laminate flooring is such a good idea, and we even have extra from floor projects I could probably use. Wonderful inspiration!

  3. says

    I LOVE it! This is such a cost effective and useful space. I have left over bamboo flooring from our bedroom redo. I know what I’m gonna do with it now. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve pinned it and I’m a new follower. Came over from Debbie Does Creations.

  4. says

    Beautiful! I love how you designed your own desk and that you used laminate flooring for the top! I would LOVE to have a desk like this in our house! Thank you for sharing!

  5. says

    Now that is a great craft desk. I love the idea that you used laminate flooring for the top. Genius. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  6. says

    Awesome tutorial, Erin! And the desk? Beautiful! What a creative solution! Love it! Well…I’m featuring this in the highlights and pinning too! :) Thanks so much for coming over and linking up your creativity!

  7. Kara says

    Erin, what a creative and beautiful space! Your craft room has inspired me! After looking for months, I finally have a starting point for my 10 x 10 room.

  8. says

    This is absolutely fab!! Hope you can link up at my trendy tuesday party!! h

  9. says

    I found that most of the kitchen base cabinets are 30 inches high which seems too high for a desk. Did you find shorter cabinets or cut them down?

    • says

      Hi Rupa, the cabinets are actually stock height and I did not trim them down. The desk is a little high which is why I have bar height stools at the desk. The chairs fit it perfectly though! And it’s a great height for standing while working on my crafts as well. Hope that helps!

    • Mona Chapman says

      I have some white bathroom vanity cabinets that I want to use for this very thing, but I was trying to figure out an inexpensive top for it. I have the original counter top, but there is a sink cut out in it. I could have my hubby patch the hole with plywood, then cover with laminate flooring.

  10. Eugenia Bell says

    Your craft room is beautiful!!! Did you use one sheet of plywood across or three separate pieces?

  11. Julie Patterson says

    Wow! This is amazing to look at and so functional. I am jealous! How much money & time would estimate it took to get this done? I’d love to make one for myself too.

  12. Jessica says

    So my husband and I totally copied this! What did you do to the back on the desk to cover the flooring panel? On ours you can see the unfinished edge of wood flooring. :(

  13. Sheri says

    This is a fabulous idea and just what I was looking to accomplish in my craft area. Did you glue the flooring down? How did you get it to stay in place? All the flooring we looked at were meant to “float” which left me a bit perplexed.

    • says

      The flooring we used had a sticky back side which we adhered to the plywood (like a super sticky sticker). I’m sure you could use a strong adhesive instead, like Elmers ProBond Advanced.

  14. Priscilla Resendez says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. We have a den on our second floor that really needs some storage space but also somewhere our kids can also just sit and do homework too. I’ve been wanting do something like this but couldn’t get my husband to visualize it…now I have a visual! LOL thank you so much!!!

  15. Janie says

    I absolutely love this and wanting to do the same…..question I have is the flooring you used vinyl peel and stick or hardwood. I am going to look and see what kind of deals I can find. You and your husband did a fantastic job and so professional looking. LOVE LOVE this

  16. Linda K says

    That’s awesome! And I have the Allure vinyl flooring in my craft room and spare bedroom. Love it. Hadn’t thought about it for a table top.

  17. Charity says

    I loved this idea so much that I made one for my dining room. I used three $5 file cabinets that I found at goodwill and a yard sale. I also had left over flooring any plywood that worked perfectly. This has been the project that I am most proud of. Everyone compliments me on it. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  18. Susan says

    Using the laminate flooring is genius! I have thought of a couple of ideas where I could do something similar. Thanks for the ideas!!

  19. Julie says

    I had a question for you. I love the desk and I’m thinking of doing the same at my office. Now since the desk is cabinet high, not your regular office desk, did you have to use higher chairs for the desk? Thanks!

  20. Bill Sinn says

    LOVE this idea. I’ve wanted to do built-ins for our loft/office area. We laid laminate flooring through out the house and for the last two years didn’t do the built ins because of 1) cost, and 2) I wasn’t sure what kind of top would match the laminate flooring. This idea killed two birds with one stone, plus the top of the desks will match the floor, can’t get more custom looking than that! Guess what I’ll be doing next weekend! Thanks for the great idea!

  21. Jax says

    You’ve got a great idea there, but a couple of issues I assume you’ve bumped into. Kitchen cabinets are 34 1/2″ high which, when added to a standard countertop of 1 1/2″ is 36″ is great for a kitchen but too high for keyboard and craft work using a standard office chair. A traditional desktop or tabletop is 30″. There are a few solutions for this: first,you can cut you top and put a support on the sides of the cabinets and the walls and lower the finished top to 30″ above the floor. Second, you can use drafting chairs in those places, which are higher. Or third, you can cut the toe-kick down or off (caveat – if you cut it all the way off, your cabinet door is not going to open especially if your floor is carpeted) 9+use in-stock vanity cabinets instead of kitchen cabinets. Vanity cabinets are the right height for tooth brushing and hair styling and also for keyboarding and crafting. Another caveat here: If you buy a stock countertop from Lowe’s or Home Depot they are 25″ deep, the depth of a kitchen cabinet. Vanity cabinets are only 21″ deep. The simplest solution is to cut the back splash off. Hopefully this will help someone before they get too far in their planning and purchasing. In my own studio I lowered the countertops in the work areas and left them where the storage and drawer were. Good luck with all your studios. There’s little that is more satisfying than having your own space for doing your won thing..

  22. says

    Oh My, Love Love the flooring idea. I have been thinking of adding some kitchen cabinets to an area adjacent to my kitchen and my biggest question, what to put on top……This would be perfect. At some point I would like to replace everything with granite, but now is not the time. Thanks for the idea!

  23. Lisa says

    I’m getting my ideas ready for this project but I’m not clear on the photo that shows how/where the plywood is attached to the cabinets. Can you please clarify this for me? TIA!

  24. Julie says

    Just found this on Pinterest. Love, love, love!!! I wanted a desk for my son with two seating areas. One for homework and one for artwork (plus I already have two cute chairs!). Was visualizing it, but couldn’t decide on the pieces to use. The top was holding me back the most. Great ideas!

  25. Katherine says

    I absolutely love this idea, and I am implementing this in my craft room ever so slowly. How much space did you leave between the cabinet bases for the chair and sitting? Also, did you overhang the plywood over the front at all or did you keep it flush with the face of the cabinets? Thanks so much!

  26. Dayton says

    Hi Julie!

    Do you have any complaints about the bar height chairs?I will be doing mostly computer work so I’m struggling with what type of cabinets to get. Getting kitchen cabinets would be the easiest but I’m nervous about the chair height and not being able to put my feet on the ground, etc. Any comments on your chairs so far?

  27. says

    Wow! I came across this on pinterest and I am really impressed. What a lovely workspace! I could see having half of the desk for my computer/office stuff and using the other half exclusively for crafting. I appreciate the step by step tutorial, I feel like I could actually do this.

  28. Nancy says

    I have this flooring in my den washroom and laundry room. I have a pool and it is perfect for dripping little feet! Its beautiful too. Love your idea for it!

  29. Lacey says

    The cabinets I am looking at are 35 inches (which seems standard) so I am assuming yours are also that height. Did you find this made for an awkwardly high desk?

  30. Karen says

    Very cute! I have a question…the hole that you cut out for the electrical cords – what did you use for the plastic ring that “lines” the cut out hole?

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