Cupcake Themed Birthday Party with FREE Printables

We have a bunch of family birthdays right around the corner so I decided it was time to whip up some new décor for the festivities, and I’m sharing them with you today. Here’s my Cupcake Themed Birthday Party with FREE printables for you to enjoy!

FREE CUPCAKE BIRTHDAY PRINTABLESFor this birthday party, I created an invitation, some food table cards, a birthday banner, water bottle labels, and cupcake/favor bag tags. Let’s get this party started!

First up was a birthday party invitation! Above you can see what I sent to print: a 5×7 one-sided card. Below is a blank version that you can revise in PicMonkey, Photoshop or even Paint. I would suggest printing on cardstock and inserting into blank envelopes (I purchased mine from Target & WalMart in the past).

click image to print


How about a cute birthday banner for your little lady! I’ve uploaded a PDF that says “Happy Birthday” along with some adorable cupcake spacers.

To hang, purchase scrapbook paper and cut out triangles. Glue the cutouts I provided to the scrapbook paper, use a hole punch to create two holes in each piece and string them along with ribbon. It’s super easy!

download PDF here

circleAnd here is a blank circle to insert your own lettering.
Save to your desktop and place in Microsoft Word. Just type over as needed.


The water bottle labels should be printed on a glossy white paper so the condensation from the cold water doesn’t quickly dissolve the paper label. Five labels are printed on one sheet of 8.5×11 inch paper. 

click image to print


I love the idea of table cards for the various foods you serve at your party, especially if you have guests with allergies. The printable leaves the bottom blank so you can customize to your menu!

click image to print

Add a little pizzazz to your cupcake with these adorable toppers! Just print, trim out, tape to toothpick and TADA! Or you can use a hole punch and attach these to little treat bags with ribbon.

click image to print


Well, that’s it for today!
I hope everyone enjoys the FREE cupcake birthday party printables!

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  1. says

    So, so cute! I just love what you do. The colors are so cute together and I just think that cupcake is adorable.
    Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!

  2. Mariella says

    I can’t get tired of complimenting u… I really appreciate that u share your knowledge with us…thank u!

  3. Kesha says

    My daughter is going to love you!! I want to pay you just for making them available for free. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. RLR says

    Amazing!! Thanks for posting these so I can make my daughter’s 5th birthday extra special. It’s easy to see you put a lot of TLC into this to help mom’s like me who are a little less artistic!

  5. Florence Hubard says

    hi how do you add words to the printables? and im having trouble printing my water bottle labels. It made them really big, three on a page and only half of it came out. I checked the paper size and it says 8.5 x 11. any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Thank you so much for the free printables…excited to get it all together :)

  6. says

    Thank you so much for these! They are fabulous and have made my invitation finding so easy! One other place to get blank envelopes is the Hallmark store, they have every color most times and sell them for very cheap, like $0.10 per envelope!

  7. amy says

    these are adorable I love them and im having the hardest time trying to update one circle on the birthday banner to saying…. 1st …… is there something special I have to do im not very tech savy ;( thank you

  8. Amy says

    I’m still having a hard time editing the banner to have one circle say 1st and also adding the letters u and e to the blank daughters name is Audrey. I adore these printables they are so girly and sweet please let me know if there’s anyway I can have you help me figure that out! Thank you for everything these printables are so awesome and with a tight budget I can’t wait to use these!-amy

  9. Angelique says

    Hi! I’ve been printing everything for my daughters birthday but wonder if you might have the invitation template without any text. I want to write a custom poem and have it framed with that background. I have a mac but no photoshop to edit out the text.
    Please let me know and thank you!

  10. Marion says

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am not that tech sAvvy so went to a print shop to get everything printed. The colours did not come out as pretty as how they are on screen. The pink looks like a dusty rose. What could I have done differently?

  11. Laura says

    Hey, I love your to print your cupcake banner but, all i can seem to print is the “happy” part of it. I don’t see the birthday. Any suggestions where i could find it? Thanks

  12. kai says

    thank you so much for sharing! It’s so wonderful when people share their gifts and talents with others… especially at such a wonderful price!!! You’re great!

  13. Kelly says

    I love these! They are are perfect for my daughters birthday party. Thank you so much for sharing them!! Do you, by any chance, have a blank copy of the cupcake toppers? I would like to put a different saying on them and use them for the party favor bags. Thanks again!

  14. Nichole Reed says

    These are so cute. Quick question. Do you have the birthday part of the banner? I wanted to use that for a party this weekend

  15. says

    I was able to print the banner since it was a PDF but I am only able to click on the invite. When I do I can only view a blank one. I can’t figure out how to open/save it or do anything. Lol not so tech savvy

  16. Kylie says

    Hi there, this is an adorable set of printables, thanks so much for sharing these very cute files. You are so kind & generous! My daughter will love this theme for her 5th birthday. Kind regards Kylie

  17. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing these! They are just what I was looking for for my daughter’s birthday. You are very talented. :)
    Quick question- what font did you use for the banner? Thanks for your time!

  18. Heather Smith says

    I love your precious invite and I edited it using paint but it is so large. It wants to print onto 4 pages and I can’t get it to resize. Do you have any idea how to resize or print smaller? Thanks for your help. Your stuff is exactly what I was looking for.

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