Jingle Bells Wreath

I seriously threw this wreath together last night around 7pm. I had a full day of activities including a photo shoot for some friends and painting furniture for my brother, but for some reason I still felt the need to craft late last night. So I went through my craft closet and found some supplies (mostly from the dollar store). I came up with a little Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath. Come take a look!

Here are the supplies I gathered:

  • 3 garlands of 9ft tinsel from Dollar General
  • Large bow from Michael’s
  • 2 packages of bell ornaments from Dollar General
  • Straw wreath form (still in plastic wrap)
  • Greenery pins

I wrapped the straw wreath in the tinsel using greenery pins to secure it in place. Then I used the same pins to attach the bells to the lower right corner (16 bells total).

Now I was actually kinda OK with how the wreath looked already, but then I found a leftover large wire bow from Michael’s that I picked up for 40% off last week.

Either way, it’s a cheap and easy project that took me less than 20 minutes to create.

And sorry for the subpar photos, but again it was after 7pm last night when I started crafting and wasn’t really expecting to have a photo shoot in my kitchen. Gotta love those last minute projects!


  1. says

    This turned out really fun! I love that you did a cluster of jingle bells instead of all spaced out. The cluster really draws attention. Jingle bells are so much fun, I use them in nearly everything! :)

  2. withluckblog says

    I love this wreath! I’ve been hunting for an easy but festive wreath that doesn’t cost you an arm and leg… here it is!

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