Dining Room Farmhouse Table

One of the first things that we tackled after we closed on the new home was changing out some key lighting. The dining room chandelier we picked out was ok for the space, but then my BFF stumbled across a huge crystal chandelier from Costco for $100.

dining room beforeAnd I’m absolutely in LOVE with it!  A little bit of a pain to put together (yeah, may have needed some help from friends) but it was totally worth it!

dining room chandelierAnd did you notice my very special delivery over the weekend?
My new farmhouse dining room table from Ezekiel and Stearns!

farm house tableI’m over the moon with this Yukon farm table. Honestly couldn’t be happier!
I love every little knot and crevice, don’t you?

I shopped everywhere for this staple piece, but really couldn’t afford $1500 from Pottery Barn or similar places. And then I stumbled across a local shop that creates these beauties in a bunch of different styles and SHIPS ANYWHERE!

farm house table detail

farmhouse tableI also had Ezekiel and Stearns build me a little console table to sit along one wall. A great place to put food while entertaining. I plan on putting some matching lamps on this since we wired an outlet to a switch right underneath.

farm house table consoleIt will be some time before I decide on wall treatments but I’m excited to see how this room takes shape. I’m thinking about some color on the walls… maybe a charcoal? Then white wainscoting with chair rail below so the room doesn’t get too dark (there’s no windows in here so it needs to stay light!).

dining room farmhouse tableOnly 5 days in and this room is taking shape. Feels good to get settled and start on the journey to make this place feel like home!

dining room chandelier

If you want more info on Ezekiel and Stearns, you can visit them on Facebook:
They’re always coming out with new styles and promos!


  1. Charity Houston says

    I love the table. I have been looking for a big farm style table for a reasonable price for awhile. Only thing is I don’t want any gaps or crevices, with twin toddlers I’m afraid of the crumbs & gunk that would collect in those places. Plus they like to stick there forks in the gap where my current table pulls apart. Idk, maybe I’ll just wait til there older & I can start to have nice things again.

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