My Love Hate Relationship with my French Door Refrigerator

So I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile now… about 4 months to be exact. Or about the same amount of time we’ve been in our new house. You see, that’s when we purchased our new French Door Refrigerator, and ever since it’s been a love-hate relationship….

french door refrigerator love hate relationshipNow some of you might LOVE your French Door Fridge, but I’m here to say I’m not 100% sold yet. And if you’re in the market for a new fridge, I’m explain to you why I’m just not a huge fan {just} yet. 

french door fridgeThe first con? The door shelves. I was used to a side-by-side refrigerator where my door shelves went from top to bottom with tons of storage. It’s where I kept all of our condiments (and I’m kind of a hoarder in that category). 

In the French door refrigerator I have very limited door shelf space, mostly because of the ice maker on one side which leaves me with some very shallow bins that can barely hold anything.

french door refrigerator debateAlso with my old side-by-side refrigerator I felt like I could better organize my foods (a shelf for drinks, a shelf for leftovers, a shelf for dairy products like eggs and yogurts, etc). Having really wide shelves throws me off I guess? The commercials always advertise that you can fit wide party platters in this fridge… uh, I have like one party a year at my house so that feature isn’t that huge for me. 

french door fridge debateThings I do love about this fridge? The fruits and veggie drawers keep my foods fresher longer than my old fridge. Although I would have preferred deeper drawers (you can see extra produce scattered throughout my fridge that wouldn’t fit). 

veggie and fruit drawerAnd meat/cheese drawer is awesome with the moveable divider. And see how bright those LED lights are? LOVE. Oh, and there’s a door alarm in case my hubby accidentally leaves the door propped open (which happens more often than you think). Yeah, those little details do keep me happy.

french door freezer debateOK, now onto the freezer… urgh. Again I’m used to about 7 different shelves in my old freezer compared to about 4 big bins in this one. It’s hard to see what you need in a pinch. Before I could neatly stack my Weight Watchers dinners

french door fridge freezer debateI’ve tried separating it into 4 categories: frozen meats, frozen veggies, misc frozen foods, and an entire huge bin for desserts including enough Girl Scout cookies to last us until 2017.

french door fridge freezer

french door fridge

So, what do you think? 
Am I being too picky? 
Do you love your French door refrigerator or your side-by-side fridge?

french door refrigerator love hate relationship


  1. says

    I’m pretty sure we have the exact same fridge. I love the looks of it, but you’re right functionality could be slightly improved. The thing I do love about it is the ice maker is not in the freezer so that allows more space for other things. However ours doesn’t make that much ice. One dinner party and it’s empty.

  2. Jill says

    And forget about storing a large frozen pizza in the freezer! I have to keep my old side by side in the garage for extra storage, but that’s ok with me… I like the look of this fridge and it keeps our everyday foods neatly stored. If you do buy one, I recommend getting the biggest one your kitchen can fit!

    • says

      Fridge in the garage is a good idea for the bulky items. We had one at our last home but we hardly ever used it. I’m thinking of getting a beverage fridge… maybe that will help!

  3. says

    Yeah, I like the way it looks but function not so much. And the ice maker makes a tiny amount of ice…my side by side was better. If I had to choose a new one, I’d probably go back to a side by side.

  4. lisa w. says

    I have had my french door refrigerator for 7 years now and I love it. I did not get the water/ice in the door because I thought it took up too much space inside (like you have found). I have a Kitchenaid which has a little button inside to give you filtered cold water (love it!) and my ice maker is in the freezer compartment. I don’t mind the freezer space because I have a stand alone freezer in my basement. I agree with the person who recommended getting the biggest refrigerator you can fit!

  5. jill says

    I have the same fridge, and totally agree with your thoughts. You mentioned liking the side by side b/c you could have a shelf for each type of item, helping you keep organized. Just last week at Marshalls I bought several clear bins made to help organize your fridge freezer. You can group like items in the various bins, label them if you want. Might have the same bins at HomeGoods, and awhile back I saw a set of them at Costco but I don’t think they have them anymore. Also, anyone with a big “bin” type freezer or chest deep freeze…I put each category of items in flat bottomed fabric reusable shpping bags with handles..the type that every store sells now for a dollar or two. That way if for example I want to dig through the frozen meats, I just lift out the entire bag of frozen dinners that might be on top.

  6. says

    I love my refrigerator. I have something like yours, but I do not have the french doors. I only have 1 door above with my freezer on the bottom. I have a bad back and I love that I can get into the refrig without pain. We are all in the refrig part more than the freezer part. I have enough space on the door to put items, but I think that is because of being 1 door. I did not want a french door one because the 1 door looked like it would work for us. We did not want water or ice on the door. I know if we need another refrig it will be with the refrig on the top, but not sure if we would do 2 doors. I don’t think we would because the area where our refrig is very tight. We have a bar to the left.

      • says

        It is inside our freezer, but we do not use it. I don’t have it hooked up. Our water was bad in our old home and this one the water is better, but we forgot to get it hooked up.

    • says

      I’m with you, Melissa. I have struggled with the pain for so long of bending and lifting at the same time. I knew I needed a fridge on top, but they were pretty expensive. Now that we finally got one, I’m kicking myself for not getting it years ago.
      Water in door, ice cubes in freezer. We also own an upright freezer in the garage because we are gardeners/smoothie makers. It’s a MUST. ;-)

  7. says

    My mom had that refrigerator and even though it held a lot I hated it! The ice maker was on the bottom so when you would get ice it would knock ice onto the floor as soon as you pulled the door open. Then the other thing she had a lot of problems with it. She ended up buying a new one, same look but different model.

    • says

      Our ice maker is on the top so it’s slightly different, but another problem we have is that the ice maker is so hard to open and barely holds any ice! So if you’re having a party, forget about it and buy some bags ;)

  8. says

    Yeah she had a lot of different problems with hers. It was an LG so it was hard to get parts for it also. I think she got a Maytag? On her new one and so far no problems. But it does hold a lot on the top. I like my side by side. I have a second fridge for overflow and my cakes which has the freezer on the top. I’ve had it 12yrs and never had a problem with it. It doesn’t have anything fancy on it so its probably why it’s lasted so long. The one in our kitchen is our second in 10 yrs. it has duel air compressors so you can keep your freezer on separate temperatures. It’s also the biggest fridge they make for consumers and even with that I still have a hard time finding room for everything! I would like to get a big commercial fridge but their way too expensive!!

  9. Tara says

    Well I wish I could comment on which fridge I prefer…except I still have an old school freezer model. The cabinetry in our house only accommodates the size of these older styles. That being said, I think I would dislike having the freezer on the bottom and someday when we upgrade our kitchen would probably go for side by side.

  10. Patti says

    We bought a similar fridge a few years ago and I hate it. The doors don’t have enough room for many condiments, the shelves are so close together that we end up laying a lot of things down so you can imagine the amount of leaks! The freezer doesn’t hold a full week’s worth of meat and veggies. I must say I’m very disappointed. No, we do not have the same brand.

  11. says

    In our previous home, we chose a freezer under/fridge over with only one door. I loved that fridge AND freezer. In this house, the appliance store talked us into a side by side, with wter and ice in the freezer side. We will NEVER have a side by side again. Awful and no width in freezer . . . terrible. I wish we would have switched for the unit in the other house. Must say though, the ice maker isn’t bothersome at all in regards to noise, just space!

  12. Karen Marchetto says

    I bought some $1 white dish washing bins and put extra condiments in them. I can pull them out all at once and get what I want. They hold pickles , mayonaise, small jars of olives, and lots of other things like Parmesan cheese containers. I have 2 of these on 2 different shelves.

  13. Whitney says

    I have a Maytag French Door-style fridge and LOVE it!!! There are the french doors on top (fridge), then a drawer in the middle (fridge), then a drawer on bottom (freezer). Mine also has the ice maker inside the fridge instead of in the door (if that makes any sense :s) except I still don’t think my left side door shelves are any deeper than yours :(. I put a “turntable” on one of my shelves which holds all my condiments and other bottle-type stuff so I can easily get to them! I think mine is also much deeper…which would probably explain why I love it so much! Many of the complaints you have are similar to the ones my mom had with her new fridge so when we went shopping for a new one, I made sure not to have the same issues as she does!!! So frustrating to spend a good chunk of money and not absolutely love it :(

  14. says

    I find it funny that they have gone back to that type of design. No one like have a deep freezer where you have to stack things on top of things.. So then when you want a steak or whatever you have to dig down in the drawer.

  15. Linda says

    I’m in the same position you r. I had a side-by-side for 14 years and I loved it. Why I listened to other ppl is beyond me. I have one very much like yours and I’ve regretted buying it from the first time I was putting food away. Not enough room.! I almost hate it! I could store a lot more food in my other one. I bought a good one and it’ll probably last the rest of my life!, just my luck……lol. Hope you get to like yours better than I do but it’s been over two years and I dislike it more every time I open the door!

  16. Lynzee says

    What I hate is that my toddler can open the drawer. Even the salesman said he had a similar fridge to ours and it takes his son and his sons toddler cousin to team up to open there’s. My son easily opened it the 2nd or 3rd day we had it and was constantly bringing me waffles. I found a lock for it and it took him less than 24 hours to figure out how to push the lock open. Had to buy an extra wide, very expensive gate to put between kitchen and dining room to keep him out. Should send the salesman the bill for the gate.

  17. Debbie says

    You sound just like me. And I totally agree! I’m in the market and have been looking. But not sold on the French door. I cook a lot and like things at my disposal. I just don’t find enough room in the French door.

  18. Susan says

    I’ll take yours! We just moved and now we have a side by side. I agree that there’s better freezer organization, but it doesn’t hold as much food in the fridge!

    We didn’t get the water/ice in the door cuz it took up too much room and we had a filter at the sink. Con is that the kids couldn’t get their own water!

    I kept mine organized with clear bins from Bed Bath and Beyond.

    Loved how I could place large cookie sheets in the freezer or fridge and platters, etc.

    Oh well! We’ve always got the standard fridge in the garage!

    • says

      Clear bins are a great idea! And I agree that it’s great for larger items when we have parties. Guess I just need to have more gatherings so I feel like I put it to good use ;)

  19. Angela says

    My husband took some of my over flowing Tupperware Modular mate ovals and two squares and velcrod them to the door shelf. He took off the bars. Ok, so first I thought he was crazy! BUT! I can store the condiments/sauces together grouped AND to bring them out I grab the whole bin!!!

  20. Gayle says

    Wow! I bought the 4 door version of this exact fridge. It has the small freezer drawer for quick pull of dinners, etc & the ice storage bin, where you dump the ice from the maker so you can have that party! Good idea for the clear storage bins & shopping bags. I’m still using my old side by side as I transition into the new one. I always hated the small baskets in the freezer, where things would disappear. The new freezer is so much colder & brighter!

  21. Tanya says

    When I bought my fridge last year, I purposely avoided the French Door ones since i hate them. I love the top, and how you can see everything, but I absolutely hate the freezers. I have yet to see a freezer on one that didn’t make my OCD brain cringe. I ended up with an old school fridge with the freezer on top and the fridge on the bottom.

  22. says

    I have had my french door fridge for almost 4 years now, before that I always had a side by side. I LOVE LOVE my Samsung french door!! I got the biggest one, that fit my space, it’s huge! I, also, opted not to get the ice maker since it took up so much room inside the fridge. We have had no problem pulling open the bottom and scooping out ice. So, I have plenty of space in the fridge, and the freezer part, I actually liked better than the side by side, because it seems easier for me to keep things stacked?? I do have a deep freeze in the garage too…

  23. Shawnna says

    I guess I am the odd one out here. We have a side by side and I absolutely hate it. I don’t like the bins all the way to the bottom and I feel the freezer doesn’t hold much. Oh, well. To each their own, I suppose. :)

  24. says

    I have had mine for 5 years and I still don’t like it most of the time. You have to move your shelves around just to get gallon of milk in it… My ice make is in the freezer. The size of the freezer does not bother me because I only keep junk food in it and everything else is in the deep freezer…

    • says

      Yes! Just tonight I had to move shelves around because I had too many tall drinks in there. Very annoying when I’m trying to unload groceries and get everything in its place!

  25. Sylvia says

    I too, own the same fridge you have. I actually LOVE the freezer. I think it hold more than my old side by side. Ice maker on bottom doesn’t bother me. Haven’t run out of ice yet! I do believe produce stays fresher. I have 3 cons! 1, meat/cheese drawer is the one my kids utilize most. You have to open both doors to get to. Don’t know why, but this bothers me. Maybe it has to do with my #2, I haven never owned stainless steel anything and have NO clue what to clean my fridge with!! Any tips of cleaners! I just have microfiber cloth and use plain water. Then there’s my #3, water dispenser drips causing water stains all down front of fridge and freezer. Thank you for this post.

    • says

      Definitely keeps fruit and veggies fresher longer! But YES, opening both drawers for the meat/cheese drawer is annoying! Oh, and I keep it clean with microfiber cloths and a spray bottle filled with 1 part water, 1 part vinegar. Best for stainless steel!

  26. jac says

    I can’t believe I just read through the blog and all its comments and no one mentioned that the item you are looking for is ALWAYS behind the OTHER side’s door. Just me?

  27. Julie says

    You can order another shelf. I opted for no ice/water dispenser on the door. I’m still glad for that decision.

  28. Linda says

    I’ve had a side-by-side for years and have hated it! The freezer is too narrow! We are planning on building a house in a few years. I told my husband I’d love to have a stand alone refrigerator without the freezer (if they make such a thing) and then an upright freezer in a pantry and then have an under the counter ice maker. We never have enough room in our refrigerator or freezer!

  29. Vicki says

    I recently purchased a Kitchenaid counter depth french door refrigerator and I love it. Before this I had a side by side and every now and then I still open the left door wondering why I can’t find any freezer items, and one day I placed ice cream in the left top side and walked away – old habits! The water dispenser is on the inside and the ice maker is a slide out tray in the freezer – love it. I do have a standard refrigerator in the garage for holidays and party food/drink storage.

  30. Sherry says

    My husband and I purchased a three-story all brick 1920s home eight years ago. He has finally given me the okay to gut and redesign our kitchen. I was more than sure that I wanted a French door refrigerator/freezer, however after reading everybody’s posts now I’m not sure what I want. We have allocated up to a 54 inch space for our new refrigerator /freezer …any advice? Thanks.

  31. Michelle says

    Oh my gosh, I thought it was just me! We just bought a new home a few weeks ago, and it came with the big fancy stainless french door fridge with bottom freezer. It looks very similar to yours. I hate it! At our old home, we had a very basic, (old fashioned to some) freezer up and one door fridge at the bottom and I absolutely loved it. I purposely chose that style 3 years ago after having lived with a side by side that I just didn’t care for. It was so narrow that we never really felt like we could fit much into it. Everyone comes into my new kitchen and oohs and aahs over my refrigerator, and I just don’t get it. I’m like you, my condiments are all over the shelves, when they used to fit neatly into the doors (apparently we are condiment hoarders, too). I feel like everything is just thrown into the freezer with absolutely no organization. And I’m short, so I can’t see into the top of my own refrigerator. The back of the top shelf is like a no-man’s land to me. My preference is to sell this big behemoth and go back to my standard freezer on top fridge at the bottom model. It’s totally functional for the way we live/hoard condiments, and honestly? I like the look. I think it’s kinda quaint. It looks nice, but the functionality doesn’t suit me at all.

  32. Michelle says

    I would fall more to the hate/love because there is very little I like about my French door fridge. Definitely does not make enough ice. We always have to make sure we buy a bag if we have even just one family over. With a family of five, if you do any Costco shopping which I always do, there is no storage for anything tall unless you remove a shelf. The way too long deli drawer comes off the track all the time. and then there is the bottomless pit of a freezer that you have to dig in all the time. I don’t even like the stainless finish…. With little kids around all the time I constantly have to clean it or it looks awful. Not to sound like a Debbie downer…. but if it didn’t take an act of congress to get it out of my kitchen I would relocate it to the garage and bring back my beloved side by side… Too bad these things cost a fortune and we are stuck with them

  33. Lynnette says

    Thank you for all of your comments. I’m in the market for a new refrigerator and was getting sucked into the French Door hype. I know the bottomless pit of a freezer would drive me crazy as well as the shallow door shelves. I was just in denial and will now go with my instincts of buying a side by side so my freezer can be organized.

  34. Sarah says

    Thanks for all the information about living with a French Door fridge. I love the idea of the fridge being on top but the lack of organization in the Freezer is terrible. If I had an unlimited budget I would totally go for a four door version like this Samsung version because it’s got glorious amounts of organized space. Sadly, I have not yet won the lottery so I’ll have to learn how to live with a less perfect fridge.

  35. Kathy says

    I HATE my side by side. It’s not wide enough for storing stuff; especially when entertaining and you have a lot of food or dishes/platters.

  36. Billy says

    I have a 26.1 CF Side x Side. I have a wall along the Fridge door side. I cannot open the darn thing. If I want to get to the back of the fridge I have to open the freezer so I can get closer. I bought a French Door with 2 doors and 2 drawers. 26.2 CF One for whatever and one for the frozen food. I had it about 2 weeks and it came down with a terminal illness.(I had bought a Scratch and Dent – apparently also broken) I had to send it back. I am now waiting on its replacement and am using my SxS again. I cannot wait for the French Door to come back. So much more usable fridge space.with the extra drawer. My new one is brand new. I will be arranging the shelves. Two of them slide back under themselves so that you can put in very tall things. If I need another shelf, I will buy one. I have an extra one in the SxS and it worked well.
    I think it is extremely efficient.
    Good Luck.

    I also have a freezer in the garage so not all that important to have a large freezer in the fridge. Frozen veggies, leftovers, ice cream. Important things.

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