Firetruck Themed Birthday Party with FREE Printables

After designing some Ladybug Birthday Printables and Bumblebee Birthday Printables, I decided it was time to do something for the boys! So here’s a Firetruck Themed Birthday Party with FREE printables for you to enjoy!


For this birthday party, I created an invitation, some food table cards, a birthday banner, water bottle labels, treat bag tags and certificates of achievement for the budding firemen. Let’s get this party started!

First up was a birthday party invitation! Above you can see what I sent to print: a 5×7 one-sided card. Below is a blank version that you can revise in PicMonkey, Photoshop or even Paint. I would suggest printing on cardstock and inserting into blank envelopes (I purchased mine from Target & WalMart in the past).

click image to print


How about a rockin’ birthday banner for the little man of the house! I’ve uploaded a PDF that says “Happy Birthday” along with some firetruck spacers.

download file here

Or you can click on the image below to just print out plain firetrucks and the empty circle to use however you need… maybe a firehouse field trip or fire academy graduation party! Again, you can bring the image into PicMonkey, Photoshop or Paint to add any text (or use stickers/stencils!).

click image to print

To hang, purchase scrapbook paper and cut out triangles. Glue the cutouts I provided to the scrapbook paper, use a hole punch to create two holes in each piece and string them along with ribbon. It’s super easy!


The water bottle labels should be printed on a glossy white paper so the condensation from the cold water doesn’t quickly dissolve the paper label. Five labels are printed on one sheet of 8.5×11 inch paper. You can also add a little personal message to the bottom of the label!

click image to print


I love the idea of table cards for the various foods you serve at your party, especially if you have guests with allergies. The printable leaves the bottom blank so you can customize to your menu!

click image to print

And here’s a cute little Junior Fire Chief certificate for your budding firemen! You can personalize the bottom with the date of the party, and then just write in the names of the kids at the time of the party. Great little souvenir!
click image to print
Need a favor idea for your firemen?  Some simple cookies or treats wrapped in plastic with a cute little tag is easy to create and easy on the pocket! Just print, trim out, use a single hole punch to create a hole for your ribbon and TADA! An adorable little tags for your treat bag! You can bring the image into PicMonkey, Photoshop or Paint to add any text along the bottom for personalization!

click image to print

JUST ADDED (click on the link, not the image):


Well, that’s it for today! I hope everyone enjoys the FREE firetruck birthday party printables! In a couple of weeks I’ll be showing you some Owl Birthday Printables (as per request from a reader!).

And if you have any party theme ideas with free printables that you’d like to see on my site, please send them my way! 


  1. deborah345 says

    With seven grand-boys this is a really needed and oh so cute fireturck birthday set. Thank You!

  2. says

    THIS IS AWESOME! It could not have come at a better time since I am planning my sons 2nd birthday right now. THANK YOU. What typeface did you use for it?

  3. Martina says

    Those look amazing! You are so talented!

    Can´t believe that you really are going to do the owls that I requested ;)

    I´m sure they will look as amazing, hope they get finished before daughters b-day the 6th of july. ;) Not to put pressure on you, I can imagine all the work that goes behind all of this, and yet you give them away as freebies! So grateful! :D

    Martina from Sweden

  4. says

    Oh, where were you before I decided on a construction themed party for my 3 year old? I’ll just have to save these for next year, I’m sure he’ll still love firetrucks then. Right now he runs around telling me that he is a firefighter and that his baby sister is the fire-doggie, it’s just too cute:)


  5. Veronica Miller says

    This is spectacular! I wish we had this for my son’s firetruck birthday I did last year. He is still pretty obsessed so it is a good chance he will want it again. Thank you so much for sharing! You are very talented.

  6. Eva says

    I LOVE these printables! I’m using them for my son’s 4th birthday party next month. He is obsessed with firetrucks! I want to thank you because you have really saved me a lot of money by being so kind and sharing your wonderful talent. I’m hoping that you might have time to share some 2″ circles to use as cupcake toppers? It would be so great if you did! Thank you so much!

  7. Carrie says

    Thanks so much for these! I’m planning a fire truck party for my 3yo. I had a jpg invite last year from a seller on etsy and the photo lab (Costco) that I took it to didn’t do the greatest job developing it. All the letters were blurry on the edges. So, my question is: Do you have any advice on printing the invitation in jpg format? Is it easier/better to print in pdf, and if so, how do you convert a jpg to pdf? I used picmonkey and your template to make the invitation and now all I need to do is print it.


    • says

      You could place it in Microsoft Word and Save As a PDF (unless you have Adobe InDesign or something like that). Otherwise the JPG I provided is high resolution and should print perfectly! Just make sure you don’t change the image size in PicMonkey. Hope that helps!

  8. AmySlaton says

    These are fantastic! Thanks for posting the free printables for the frugal moms out there. Would you be able to send me the cupcake toppers as well? My son’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, and these are just perfect!

  9. Samantha says

    I can across your adorable printables via Pinterest, and I not only LOVE this firetruck themed party, but have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your posts. Thank you for sharing your gifts of creativity with us all!

  10. Samantha says

    Meant to say “came” across, not can. Oops!
    Would you mind sending me the cupcake toppers template, as well? I would greatly appreciate it!

  11. Tanya says

    Thank you so much Erin for your help on your printables today. I was cutting some firetrucks last night and had to re-print a few pages because my son was sleeping with the firetruck circles…he’s so excited for his birthday party! I’ll send you pics in September…

    I’ll be visiting often for new ideas!…Keep up the great work!!!

  12. Eve says

    Thank you so so much for the printables! I have been looking all over the internet and Pinterest for some good stuff. Gonna use these for my boyfriend’s 33rd surprise birthday. He is a firefighter and loves all things ff. Thanks again :)

  13. Amy says

    Thank you so much for posting these! My son’s fire truck party is this weekend and no one sells fire truck themed stuff anymore! I’ve had to hand make everything and it’s getting expensive. This is so generous of you!

  14. Ashley says

    Thank you so much for posting these! My son is so excited to celebrate his birthday with a fireman party! I was wondering if you could send my the file with the cupcake toppers. Thanks so much for being so generous with the printables!

  15. Nita says

    I’m doing firetruck theme for you my son’s 1st birthday. These are just perfect. Can you please email me the cupcake printable? These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Wendy says

    You totally saved my 3 year old’s birthday party. 3 days before his party and I’m searching for the firetruck theme that I KNOW I saw several months ago…come to find out every party store in town has discontinued it. Your banner printables and everything else will make his party great! Not that he cares, but I love decorating for their parties. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  17. Brandy says

    I love all of this!! We are doing my son’s 5th birthday as a fire theme because he thinks he’s a fireman!! I can’t wait to get it all put together!! Thank you so much!! This may be the dumbest question you’ve gotten but I cannot figure out how to add a message at the bottom of the water bottle label…can you tell me how to do that??

  18. kimberly says

    Thank you for doing this! We are celebrating my son’s 3rd birthday at the last minute during Thanksgiving… this really is going to make it extra special and cute! Love the theme!!!

  19. says

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you thank you thank you! I am planning my son’s 3rd birthday party & he has asked for firetruck theme and my daughter is having a ladybug theme next year! So you have me covered! I’m personalising them with

    I truly appreciate it! Thank you again!

  20. amanda lovey says

    i keep trying to print the cert. for the junior fire fighter printable–but it’s printing in letter even thought i am selecting landscape so it’s cutting most of it off..any clue how to fix it or what i am doing wrong?!

  21. Cathy Bess says

    I am rather technology-challenged. I have saved the files for the “food labels” but I can’t figure out how to type on the red area. Do I have to save them in a special way?

  22. Kristen says

    Thank you so much for this I sent out the invites I the last day if school my son was born on New Years and his party is going to be January. He loves fire fighters and these are just going to make it perfect from the water bottle labels and food cards then at the end I’m giving all the kids a junior fire cheif certificate. He is going to love his party

  23. Pat says

    I am having a problem printing the invitation, it is much larger than the paper… i have tried several different ways and stil cannot get it right, can you give me some suggestions please.. thank you

  24. Debbie C. says

    This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing! Do you have any ideas for a rock-n-roll or music party? Thanks again

  25. Penny says

    Thank you so much! I used these beautiful printouts for my skn’s second birthday ! They are magnificent and made life so easy. Thank you again xxx

  26. Betsy says

    What wonderful things you have for people to use…thank you so much for helping me make a party easier and so adorable!!!!!!!

  27. Venus Santiago says

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents! I’m so delighted that I’m able to make everything for my son’s party with the fantastic graphics you’ve given to us! They’re just perfect for my little firefighter’s 3rd birthday celebration!

  28. Cynthia says

    Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. On our small island it is hard to find themed birthday decorations. With these great printables my son will have a real party! Thanks again.

  29. Erica says

    These are awesome! I am having a fire truck birthday for my sons 3 rd birthday. I was wondering for the banner I want to make circles with his age and name but can’t figure out how to change the letters in the PDF file? Any suggestion? Thank you

  30. kacie says

    This is adorable! Help! I can’t seem to figure out how to add text! (I have a mac, if that matters?) Thank you so much!

  31. Staci says

    I am sooo excited to have found this! Thank you! I will now channel my inner Martha Stewart and get to work!1

  32. Twinmama says

    These are just perfect for a party I am having next week. You are very creative and thank you for sharing your work. Can you let me know how I can add text to the banners and the certificate (to personalize it as suggested). I tried picmonkey but do not see how I can add text. Thanks so much!

  33. Tasha says

    My son’s 4th birthday is on July 4th. He loves all things fire truck! I have printed these out and added personal text through Thank you for sharing this!

  34. says

    Love this site! I have two boys the oldest is turning 4 in a few days and wanted a fire truck theme so this is perfect. My youngest will be 1 in September and I want to do a giraffee party, could you make some designs for a giraffee party?

  35. Nicole Brennan says

    Thank you so much for sharing these printable!!! My son is having his 4th birthday on Aug 3rd at a fire station and these are going to be perfect!!!

  36. Laura Smith says

    Thank you Thank you!! We are living overseas with the military and don’t have access to many things in the stores (and shipping seems to take forever) to purchase for my son’s upcoming 3rd birthday…firetruck theme. This website and your free printables are going to save the day!!!
    I was wondering, as many people above have also mentioned, if you could e-mail me the cupcake toppers with the number 3 in the center? I’d prefer it in red or black. Thank you so much!!

  37. Laura Smith says

    I’m trying to edit the invitation in but they don’t have the fond BOULDER as an option in the font section. I’ve looked over and over again. Is it possible you could choose one of their fonts and e-mail me the invitation again but with a different font as “Sound the Alarm”…or even just the invitation with “sound the alarm” blank and I”ll add it myself? Thanks so much!!

  38. Laura Smith says

    The font on that looks closest to Boulder to me is called “Luckiest Guy”. Hope that helps. Again, thanks SO MUCH!

  39. kim says

    Your site it Great! Im planning my son’s 3rd birthday party and Ive been having a hard time finding fire truck decorations, especially Free one’s, this is a bonus. Im unable to print out the banner, cupcake toppers and the certificate, Im also unable to edit them. I have a mac computer, is that why Im having an issue? Can you help. Thank you so much.

  40. Jessica Vinson says

    Thank you for making this super easy and accessible!!, and FREE what a bonus! I have spent all day on the computer looking for cute firetruck decor for my sons 3rd bday party and then i came across your page! Thank You for all your hard work putting it all together, my sons party will be a huge success thanks to you! Have an awesome day!!

  41. Amy Boullion says

    Thank you, this is all SO AWESOME!!! I am so excited to do this party now!! Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing it for free!!!

  42. Esther says

    Thank you for the free printables. We are having my oldest boys 5th birthday. He says he really wants to be a firefighter, so this was perfect for him. Looking forward to it!

  43. Michelle says

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much! My son’s 3rd birthday is next Sunday, and the local fire department is coming for a visit. Leave it to me to wait until the last minute to start getting things together. I was worried about having to order things online so close to the party- and now I really don’t have to!

  44. Melissa H says

    Thank you so much! I really loved using the templates for my son’s fourth birthday. Everything was so cute. Thank you again!

  45. Lucy says

    Love love this ! How do i save the images or can i? My son Bday is not for a couple months but i would love to use this stuff:) i click save as but does not give me the option to save as a jpeg and when i do hit save and try to open it it wont:(

  46. lyndy says

    Thank you soooooooo much! You have made my sons third B day the best ever. All he asked for was a “firetruck birthday”. I had no idea what I was going to do. Thank you so much.

  47. Lauren says

    We used this for our 2-year-old’s birthdate party yesterday. The decor was very cute and our budget stayed low. Thank you so much!

  48. Neoma says

    Magnificent graphics! So helpful;)- thank you! Was just wondering– would you by any chance have chocolate bar wrappers and/or candy package labels?

  49. Sara tyson says

    These are great! Thank you so much for posting these. My sons 4 th bday party is coming up and I am not very good at doing stuff like this. What kind of paper do I buy for the printer to print out these items? Cutting out the cupcake toppers to make them perfect seems difficult. Just scissors are ok or do I use something else? Thank you again!

    • says

      You’re welcome! I would recommend using card stock to print these items. Much easier to work with and trim out on the thicker paper. For the cupcake toppers… yeah, it’s a little bit annoying to trim out! But totally worth it when they’re done ;)

  50. Bonnie Tipcke says

    Thank you so much for sharing your work. They will help make my grandson’s 2nd birthday party very special.

  51. Joey says

    Thank you so much for posting these. Is there any way you can share the pd printable for the triangle portion of the banner? thanks again – I love these!

  52. Pia says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! You are heaven sent. Two weeks til my little boy’s 4th birthday and he tells me he would like a Fireman party! We’re not having a big celebration but these little touches will make all the difference!

  53. julia says

    I am trying to download these for my son’s fourth birthday. The easy one was the “download” for the happy birthday sign. Do you happen to have a download for the other files (rather than saving image)? Even when i save them to file, the sizing is not correct. Thanks!

    • says

      Make sure you right click on the image and save it to your desktop. They are full sized JPGs. Or you can right click on the file and open in a new tab, then save that file. Hope that helps!

  54. Julia Swankoski says

    I posted on here last night but it didn’t go through. Are you able to send this to me as a download (like the happy birthday sign), rather than an image? I tried saving as an image but the parameters on my printer are tricky and it’s not working correctly for me to edit. Thanks!

  55. says

    Oh my gosh! Thank you! You saved me so much work! Thank you for generously sharing these awesome party decorations!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is truly wonderful!

  56. jeremy says

    Thank You Very Much
    4yr old is obsessed with firemen, thanks for the labels!
    it will make him so happy

  57. Dani says

    My son loves fire trucks; so this will be his 3rd bday party theme, lol.
    Can’t wait to see the smile on his face!
    Thank you for sharing!

  58. Lisa says

    You saved me! I’m prepping for my son’s 3rd b’day party TOMORROW and could not find fireman/fire truck themed items in any of 10 stores I visited today! I love your free printables and will be using several of them!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  59. Aretha says

    Thank you so much for sharing this, without this will be not a fire engine party but just a meeting. You are awesome. THANK YOU

  60. Marta says

    thank you so much for your kindness to sharing all this, I’m going to use this for my nephew’s b’day party. He is crazy about fireman. He must be very happy see all this things. And all thanks to you, because i’m not good in design. Once again BIG THANKS

  61. Disa says

    You are an absolute LIFE SAVER!!!!
    Kids parties so aren’t my thing- you’ve made things SO much easier for me!

  62. susan says

    thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I will be celebrating my son birthday and he loves fireman. I love that you are able to print.

  63. Arti says

    Dear Lady,

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely ideas, so generous and kind of you! I am planning my son’s 6th bday and your website has been most helpful. Thank you for spreading your creative ideas and wish you a joyous season.


  64. Kanaya Barham says

    Thank youuu for sharing this super great idea! We moved from Sydney-NSW to a small town in QLD, Australia and it’s hard to find birthday stuffs here..mostly we do online shopping. Soooo..this is super helping, plus I’ve bought some stuff online too.
    Planning to throw a birthday party for my son this weekend, he’ll be 3 y.o and at the moment he looovvee fireman!
    Wish me luck and again thank you so much!

  65. Rachael says

    Hi! Love the printables, thank you!! Just one question. I saved the blank invite as a JPEG, but when I open it in photoshop, it looks fuzzy. Will it print fuzzy, too? I saw that you said it was a high res JPEG, and I haven’t resized it so I’m not sure what’s going on. Any thoughts?

  66. Sandhya says


    I can’t thank you enough for your generosity in sharing your ideas and the very helpful printables! My 2-yr-old lives and breathes fire trucks and your blog has been my saving grace in planning his party. I have a request. Would it be possible for you to share the food cards and the certificate of achievement files as PDFs? The JPGs are printing out fuzzy. Perhaps I’m not doing something right.

    Once again, many, many thanks!

  67. Melanie says

    Hi Erin!
    Thanks so much for posting these- the fire truck design is adorable and would love to use your designs for my son’s 2nd birthday. Would you be able to tell me where you purchased the flat cards and envelopes for the invitation? I’m not finding them at Target. Thanks!

  68. OLGA says


  69. Sarah says

    Thanks so much for these resources. My youngest is turning 5 in a couple weeks, and this will be his 3rd fireman party! I’ve used something from your collection each year.

  70. MkeMom says

    Thank you so much for these! I really appreciate you sharing your work! My 2 yr old is so excited about fire trucks (or as he calls them “ding ding!”).

  71. Rachel says

    These are just brilliant. I’ve had such fun with them, I only hope the birthday firefighter enjoys them and the party as much. Thanks so much for sharing your work

  72. Cassy says

    Thank you for all the free printables! I used the construction set last year for my son’s 3rd birthday! This year, my nephew wants a fire truck birthday so I am back again! Is it possible to get the cupcake toppers in 2″ circles? It would be a lot faster to cut out! I am not sure how to edit them smaller to do this on my computer.
    Thank you for all your hard work you share with everyone!

  73. Madison says

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing this beautiful design! It means the world to me as a single mom to be able to still make an over the top party for my little man!
    Again thank you!!

  74. Cherry says

    Thank you SO much for sharing the firetruck printables. You are very creative and my son will be so excited for his 3 year old birthday party:)

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