Owl Themed Birthday Party with FREE Printables

In the past I’ve designed some Ladybug Birthday Printables, Firetruck Birthday Printables and Bumblebee Birthday Printables. Now it’s time for some adorable Owl Themed Birthday Party with FREE printables for you to enjoy!

For this birthday party, I created an invitation, some food table cards, a birthday banner, water bottle labels, and cupcake/favor bag tags. Let’s get this party started!

First up was a birthday party invitation! Above you can see what I sent to print: a 5×7 one-sided card. Below is a blank version that you can revise in PicMonkey, Photoshop or even Paint. I would suggest printing on cardstock and inserting into blank envelopes (I purchased mine from Target & WalMart in the past).

click image to print


How about a cute birthday banner for your little lady! I’ve uploaded a PDF that says “Happy Birthday” along with some adorable owl spacers.

To hang, purchase scrapbook paper and cut out triangles. Glue the cutouts I provided to the scrapbook paper, use a hole punch to create two holes in each piece and string them along with ribbon. It’s super easy!

download file here

And here is a blank circle to use as well!
Just right click on it and save to your desktop.



The water bottle labels should be printed on a glossy white paper so the condensation from the cold water doesn’t quickly dissolve the paper label. Five labels are printed on one sheet of 8.5×11 inch paper. You can also add a little personal message to the bottom of the label!

click image to print


I love the idea of table cards for the various foods you serve at your party, especially if you have guests with allergies. The printable leaves the bottom blank so you can customize to your menu!

click image to print

Add a little pizzazz to your cupcake with these adorable toppers! Just print, trim out, tape to toothpick and TADA! Or you can use a hole punch and attach these to little treat bags with ribbon.

click image to print


Owl Birthday Party Printables Well, that’s it for today! I hope everyone enjoys the FREE owl birthday party printables!

If you’re going to use these printables, I would appreciate a PIN on PINTEREST so others can enjoy as well! Thanks so much :)


  1. says

    I just LOVE these! The owl is so darling and there are so many possibilities with her.
    I think I just found the theme for my Grandaughter’s next party.

  2. says

    Can you create a girl mod monkey 1st birthday printables?
    Also a girl Penguin 1st Birthday printable?

    Would really appreciate it. These are super cute!!

  3. Angie Huckleby says

    These are totally 100% adorable. I absolutely love them!! Thank you so much for sharing and for making it free for us!! You are an extremely talented woman…keep up the awesome stuff!!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. sabrina says

    I am new to all this and was wondering how do I add my daughters birthday info to the invitation? If someone could help me out that would be great. Thanks for the adorable printables

    • says

      Sabring, take those files into any type of JPG editor software (even Microsoft Word should work if you place them in there). I always suggest Photoshop or PicMonkey.com as well. Hope that helps!

  5. angie says

    Love this! Thanks so much! Just got done making the banner. We are doing a colorful party with pink owls, so I used all different colored, printed scrapbooking paper. It turned out awesome, even my husband was impressed.

  6. Paula says

    I am trying to print off the bottle labels and it prints one on each page (6 pages) What am I doing wrong? Do you have a sunshine birthday party items?

  7. Casey says

    These are so cute! You’re very creative! Was curious if you’ve shared your tutorial on creating printables like the ones you’ve shared? Having my sons 1st bday soon and would to try myself :)

    • says

      Casey, I haven’t ever shared how to create printables since I use Photoshop and I know a lot of people don’t have (or know how to use) that software. Hmm… let me see if I can come up with a tutorial though!

  8. Jeanine says

    Hi! Thanks so much for offering these for FREE! You have no idea how much this means to those of us who are not so design-inclined, but really want to make our kiddo’s birthdays special! (I’m sure you know you could make a killing off of these on etsy!) I’m wondering if you’ve thought about offering a higher-resolution image that we could use as an iron-on shirt transfer. Using photoshop (with what little skill I have), I tried to add my daughter’s name to the bottom of the owl image in the banner template. But when I made it large enough to put on a onesie it was too pixelated to print well.

  9. Ann says

    Yay! So glad I found your owl printables but am really struggling. Help! I first started with trying to save the blank invitation to a jpg so I could add text in photoshop. That produced a blurry card. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Do I need to change the resolution somehow? Also, the same thing happened when I tried to print the water bottle labels. Any tips or suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?? Thanks for your help! :)

    • Ann says

      I also forgot to mention that when I click on the images – for the invitation and the water bottle labels, it does NOT open a PDF. It only opens the image in a new browser page???

    • says

      Ann, you should not have to change the resolution. It’s sized to 5×7 inches at 300 dpi. The water bottle labels are the same. Make sure you are clicking on the small image. It should open the JPG in a new window. Then save the image to your desktop before opening. Hope that helps!

  10. Lindsey C. says

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for having these free printables! All I’ve been able to find is printable party decorations that cost far too much for just a kids birthday party. I can’t afford to spend that kind of money & you’ve helped me save money while also having super cute party decor! so again I say, THANK YOU!

  11. kathywhite says

    ok. so. these are AMAZING. is it feasible to save the invite in a word or publisher doc. and change it to a ‘look whooo’s one’ instead of ‘this party’s a hoot’ ? also. i able to print those cute little thank you’s. but when i go to print the food labels, they are HUGE/don’t fit on one page. not sure what i’m doing wrong? thank you so much in advance!

  12. Nicole says

    These are amazing! Throwing an owl themed baby shower for my sister in law and LOVE the water bottle labels. I know you said it should be printed on glossy white paper, but how did you make them stick to the bottle? Thanks!

  13. Rachel Bruce says

    What program did you use to create this cute signs? I am an elementary school teacher and my students love owls. I thought it would be cute to make a different owl for each kid.

    I would love to know what program helps you do this! :)


  14. Fernny says

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations. May I know what font you used in the invitation card where the venue and time are written? Thanks

  15. Fernny says

    Oh, one more question, may I know the pantone colour you used for the “Look Hoot’s Having a birthday Party”? Thanks :))

  16. says

    Thank you so much for these! My daughters birthday is on Saturday and I’m having a “look whoooo’s two!” theme. These are perfect and I’m using every one of your downloads. It makes my job super easy and it’s so cute. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ll do a post sometime after Christmas a link back here. :)

  17. Heather S says

    I used the firetruck printables for my son’s 4th birthday in November. They turned out great! I was so happy and thankful to find them! I had planned to do my daughter’s 3rd birthday in a ballerina theme, but after finding this one I’ll be pushing for an owl theme :) Thanks for offering these!

  18. sara says

    Hi, these are really great! is there any way to change the color to blue to use for a boy baby shower?

  19. Teanna says

    can you send me the adobe files for the water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and food lables as well? i dont have a printer and must sent them to be professionally printed and you only have the adobe file for the banner. Thanks!

  20. Christie says

    Thank you so much! My daughter’s room done in owls and now she wants an owl 5th birthday party! I can’t believe I found this……..and extremely cute too!!!!

  21. Giselle says

    Hello :)! I would like to start off by saying, thank you for taking the time to create such lovely items!! By the way, your creations are far cuter than what I have seen out in the retail stores.

    One a slightly different note, how does one go about utilizing the birthday banner to spell out our child’s name?

    Thank you:)!!

  22. says

    Hi! This is so wonderful! I cannot believe how beautiful these are. I had the same question as Giselle, could you please send me a blank JPG of the circles so that I can do the name, as well.

  23. Mindy says

    Could you also send me the blank banner for the name? I love this theme and will be using it for my daughters first birthday!! Also what size did you make your triangles for the pennants?

  24. says

    I had to take a minute and comment on how grateful I am to have discovered your post through Pinterest! Like always, I am in a pinch to quickly get my daughter’s upcoming 11th bday party together and we had long since decided it would be owls! Wow!!! You have made my life so much easier and this party will now look like I spent weeks planning and hundreds on decorative elements! She is going to be so excited when she see’s all the ‘extra’s’ I will have this time! I added a message to the water bottle labes, and dang they are cute! This is especially good timing for something free for a change, as my husband is recently unemployed and party favors/decorations can be costly, as you know. LOVE these and they were so easy to personalize and print! Now, off to work on my banner and put my embroidery machine to work (the girls will be making owl pillows after I embroidery the pillow tops)!

    THANK YOU!!!

  25. Gene says

    Thank you so much for these wonderful printables! I am actually planning an owl themed baby shower for my friend. I was able to use some of the templates. Plus, the blank circles really helped me a lot in creating a baby shower bunting! :) Very grateful!

  26. Michelle Frosio says

    Erin, thank you so much for sharing these FREE printables, I am so excited to to plan my little girls 1st birthday, thanks for saving me some money and time in designing my own, I’ve just personalized these and they are just addorable. You’ve so talented.

  27. Jessica says

    Thank you so much for sharing these amazing printables. My daughter will be 1 in March and we are doing an owl theme for her party. Her stuffed owl goes everywhere with her! I’ve used all of your printables for the party and added a few of my own using your designs- return address labels, thank-you card templates, etc. Again, thank you so much for your hard work, beautiful designs, and for sharing these adorable creations! :)

  28. Mikela Iverson says

    WOW Thank you for such adorable FREE printables! These are perfect for my daughters birthday parties. I am wondering if you could offer the “thank you” circles without the words. I’d like to make something for the goodie bags that says “You’re a Hoot. Thanks for coming.” If it would fit. Or the circle with a larger owl to use as a cupcake pick. If not, I still appreciate all of this. mikela_iverson@hotmail.com

  29. Lindsey says

    Adore this theme!! and thank you so much for making it free- helps out alot! Just one question- is there anyway i can change the “Look Hoot’s Having a Birthday?”

  30. Elisabeth says

    Just discovered your site through Pinterest and I’m torn between these and the darling ladybug printables for my daughter’s first birthday. I absolutely LOVE all of these, and wanted to say thank you so much for making these free for this momma on a budget. :) This has given me some great ideas!!!

  31. Oguie says

    thank you so much, i really wanted some owl printable for my princess birthday but could not afford anything else and then you came to may rescue. thank you again

  32. Rena says

    I made the banner with squares instead of flags for my daughter’s first birthday party. It turned out great. Thank you for sharing!

  33. Alejandra says

    hi, i loooove your work and appreciate your generosity.
    May I ask what paper size do you use to print the table cards? i guess you print them horizontally?

  34. Jennifer says

    Hello, I just want to thank you for all the printable you have on your site. In June, I used some of the pirate ones and as I was planning the party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday….Owls…. I remembered your site and thought i would see…. Low and behold… here are owls!!! Fantastic!! Thank you again!

  35. Erin says

    Just happened to wander onto your page when I was looking for owl birthday ideas for my daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday…and I am SO glad I did. You have exactly what I was looking for and more! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with the rest of us! :-)

  36. Mischa says

    I am thee happiest person around right now!!! I couldn’t have stumbled across your site at a better time! Your owl printable’s are going to make my little girls 2nd birthday just that much more exciting and beautiful! I love that you happy to share your talent with all us moms out there, far and wide. A huge thank you all the way from South Africa.

  37. Celeste says

    Thank you so much for the free fireman printables. My 3 year old son is loving all of the firetrucks. Thank you for making it easy to do a party on a budget. Pics to follow soon!

  38. Jill says

    Love this! I’d like to use the triangle banner for a baby shower so I planned to print it and change the letters, but I can’t seem to find the file. Is this one not one of the free downloads?

  39. linda says

    Thanks so much!!! your work is so beautiful. Im following almost all your boards.Love them!
    I was wondering if you have worked the owl printable in blue so I can use it for my nephew’s first birthday. Im a big fan. Thanks again!

  40. TammyGirl says

    Thank you so much for offering your printable owl theme decorations for free. I have been searching for reasonable priced decorations and I came across your website through pinterest. Really appreciate your work and creativity and willingness to offer them for free. You are a superwoman

  41. says

    WOW! Your blog has been my one stop planning spot for my daughter’s first birthday! Thank you soooo much for allowing me to use this and for free! I saw you sent some other folks the banner to have their child’s name as well. Would you mind sending it to me, too?

  42. Erica says

    I am new to graphic design is there anyway you can do a tutorial on how to design your own owl or any other image or if its a clipart how can you change the colors and kind of make it your own.


  43. Yanick says

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. I love them and I know they will just brighten my daughters birthday. We’re having it at an owl rehabilitation Center with all proceeds going to charity so the money saved in party planning will go to the birds. Thanks for helping!

  44. tamarajeanjellybean says

    Free?? A.W.E.S.O.M.E. You’ve covered everything I needed! They are perfect for the baby shower we’re throwing. Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to share. I’ve pinned it for others to find!

  45. Happy Mom says

    You have no idea how much this means to me. Without going into too many details, my daughter and I have had a rough couple of years and I feared this would be the second year in a row that I couldn’t do anything special for her birthday or Christmas (they are a week apart). This year she started school and wanted to invite her friends. I wanted to give her a nice little party, but I didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend on decorations. She wants an owl party and this just happens to be in the colors she wants and everything! Thank you thank you thank you! You didn’t have to share your work, but I am so glad you did. This will put a smile on her beautiful face. She has been so sweet through all this and she deserves something special just for her. Thank you for helping me make it happen! And I WILL be pinning this for my friends to see and share! :D

  46. sarah says

    Love these we are doing my two year olds birthday party in an owl theme, wondering if the green on the birthday banner can be changed to a differ color?

  47. Kim says

    I came across these on Pinterest and love them. I will be using them for my daughters first birthday on Saturday. Thank you for creating an adorable product!

  48. rana says

    All these printables are awesome, I love them especially owl theme. I am writing from Turkey. We decided to celebrate our one year old baby and I want to use one of these themes so much. I am using photoshop but not professionally. I can change some properties (colour, design) of the themes for my baby. Can you share the psd files please

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