My Favorite {free} Fonts

If you haven’t noticed, I do a lot of printables around here. I have a background in Graphic Design so I’ve always been drawn towards fonts. Seriously, I’ll be driving down the highway, see a billboard, and think to myself… Oh, I like how they used Perpetua Bold. Yeah, it’s kinda bad.

So today I’m sharing with you some of my absolute favorite fonts. Not the plain old serif and sans serif stuff, but the funky and fabulous… and FREE!

favorite free fonts


And you might notice that I used some of them for my Chalkboard Printable tutorial.


You can download all 25 fonts for FREE from
Yep, you can thank me later :)

So, do you have any favorite fonts?



  1. says

    Erin, I am a fairly new follower and I just love your blog. Thank you for the AWESOME fonts. I love fonts too. When I was working at my old school I was able to use fonts alot – I was the yearbook advisor and taught kindergarten. I don’t get to use them much now but I still love them! I can’t wait to download all the fonts I don’t have!!

  2. says


    I love your choices in fonts. I have never downloaded fonts before and I am not sure how to use them or if I use them in word or in another program? Do you know if there is a tutorial out that shows a novice of printable how to make them without too much fan fair?

  3. Debbie says

    I love Scriptina! Like you, I used to be big into graphics and animation so I was a ‘fontaholic’. And dafont is one of my favourite font sites!

  4. Yolkcheeks says

    Here through a tumblr reblog, what a lovely assortment of typefaces! Erin, you’ll probably also like Cricket and The Time of the Revolving Door and Friends.

    As a note for anyone downloading these (or other freeware faces on dafont), please consider donating to the artists who drew & coded them, and resist knock-offs of faces you know aren’t free.
    It takes a lot of work to make a really nice typeface, not just drawing all characters but metrics like making sure each kerning pair (pair of letters) fits nicely to each other. It’s invisible work when done right, since all you have to do is type, but re all y obv i ous when it’s not!

  5. Julie says

    Erin…I don’t have time for Facebook (I actually don’t trust myself to not WASTE time :)…but THANK YOU for your emails and all of your great ideas! Love them!! Julie

  6. Alex Jensen says

    Thank you so much! Been making a program for Young Women’s Evening of Excellence and came across this pin…. I love it!

  7. Raina says

    OMG, I love your blog! I’m currently preparing for the 1st birthday of my daughter and came across your blog as I was looking for tutorials on chalkboard art. I so love your ideas! :)

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