Bird Themed Birthday Party with FREE Printables

Wow, I can’t believe October was the last time I shared some free birthday printables. Well I thought it was about time to break out some new ones, and of course something with a Springtime theme… BIRDIES!


For this birthday party, I created an invitation, food table cards, a birthday banner, water bottle labels, and cupcake/favor bag tags. Let’s get this party started!

little bird birthday invitation

First up is a birthday party invitation. Above you can see what I sent to print: a 5×7 one-sided card. Below is a blank version that you can revise in PicMonkey, Photoshop or even Paint. I would suggest printing on cardstock and inserting into blank envelopes (I purchased mine from Target & WalMart in the past).

bird birthday invitation free printable

click image to save


bird birthday banner free printableHere’s also a birdie birthday banner you can easily print out and display. I’ve uploaded a PDF that says “Happy Birthday” along with some adorable birdie spacers.

birdie birthday banner free printableTo hang, purchase scrapbook paper and cut out backgrounds for the banner. Glue the cutouts I provided to the scrapbook paper, use a hole punch to create two holes in each piece and string them along with ribbon. It’s super easy!

birdie birthday banner

download PDF here


bird birthday water bottle labelsThe water bottle labels should be printed on a glossy white paper so the condensation from the cold water doesn’t quickly dissolve the paper label. Five labels are printed on one sheet of 8.5×11 inch paper.

bird water bottle labelsclick image to save and print


birdie birthday food cardsI love the idea of table cards for the various foods you serve at your party, especially if you have guests with allergies. The printable leaves the bottom blank so you can customize to your menu. Just edit in Photoshop, PicMonkey or even add text in Microsoft Word once you place this file inside a blank document.

bird birthday party food card printables
click image to save and print

birdie birthday cupcake toppersI’ve also designed some cupcake toppers for this birthday theme. Just print, trim out, tape to toothpick and TADA! Or you can use a hole punch and attach these to little treat bags with ribbon.

bird birthday cupcake toppers
click image to save and print


bird birthday party free printables
Well, that’s it for today!
I hope everyone enjoys the FREE birdie birthday party printables!

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  1. Pam B. says

    I have been collecting anything Birds since my Mom passed away. She had a classical tape with birds chirping in the background that she listened to a lot.She also had wind chimes with a birdhouse and birds on it. These birds are so whimsical! I just love them. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Marissa says

    Hello Erin,

    I have been looking all over Pinterest and the rest of the web for this! Exactly what I had in mind for my son’s birthday party which is now 4 days away … I started looking a month ago and obviously missed your post at the end of the month …
    I have ended up with something totally different (that I am not in love with) simply because I could not find anything like what you have in your post!!! I know this would be huge to ask but would you be able to do the same with ‘boy colours’? We have bought everything in yellow, soft red, aqua blue and pistachio green. Or would you be able to send me an ‘open file’ that I could work with and change the colours myself? Hubby has a Mac that I do not really know how to work with yet, but I could give it a go …

    Many thanks! Marissa

  3. Ana says

    I love it…perfect for my daughters birthday. I also pinned it. Sadly some of the images are not working – at least for me :(

  4. Birdie Baby says

    OMG! I love this…THANK YOU THANK YOU! one year birthday in a couple of weeks and I can totally use this. What font are you using for Eleanor’s name?

  5. Karina Edgerton says

    Thankyou so much for your ideas and printables. Im using the bird theme, i just loved the invite so i decide to go with it! :-) But can i ask what plates and napkins did you use to go with the theme? :-)

  6. Kitty says

    Thank you very much for your lovely design and I’m going to use the bird theme.
    I would like to ask which font are you using for birthday banner and cupcake/favor bag tags?

  7. kübra says

    I m having a party for my daughter , it’s her first birthday party, she is only 1 years old :) I don’t want to spend too much and loved your birdies :) I really appreciate your sharings, free printable items are rare. And this one is really cute. Thanks a lot from Istanbul, Turkey :)

  8. Jessica says

    What fonts did you use on the birthday party invitation? This is so cute, I’m really excited to get it printed out for my daughter’s first birthday!

  9. Leah says

    Used almost all of your little birdie printables for my daughter’s 1st birthday party! I especially loved the hb banner! Thank you SO MUCH for making these available and EASY to do!

  10. Karina says

    This is the perfect thing for my daughter’s birthday!! Thank you so much! The only one I couldn’t open was the food card printables…is there anyway you could email that to me?

  11. Melinda says

    I’m using ths for my twin girls’ third birthday. I just printed all the decorations. And I’ve gotten a bunch of compliments on the invites. Thanks!

  12. says

    hellow the printables are so nice just what i was looking for my babies 1st birthday party… i was having trouble saving the document the only thing i got was the bday banner… i was wondering if by any chance you would like to send me the documents directly to my email adress… thanks alot….

  13. Heather Smith says

    SO adorable and perfect for my little one’s first birthday next month. We call her Birdie after all!! But I can’t seem to get the blank one to edit. I am having trouble. Any secrets? Thanks for your help and creativity!!

    • says

      Sorry for the delay on this… I’ve been on vacation! You should be able to bring the JPG into Word, PicMonkey or PHotoshop to edit. Even Paint probably! Then just save and print.

  14. Jaci says


    I love all of these items! Thank you so much for sharing, they will be perfect!
    I was wondering if a picture could be added to the invitation? I’m not computer savvy, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)

    Thank you!

  15. monica says

    Thank you so much for this. it is very helpful. i was wondering if you can you send me the font you use for the banner letters i want to have my baby’s name on it too and the number 1.

  16. Jessica says

    Thank you for the adorable bird party accessories! Perfect for my 7 year olds request for a birdie party. Printed the invitations today and they are beautiful.

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