Valentine’s Day Wreath (20 Minute Project)

I promise you, this is a 20 minute project. If that. My husband left the house to pick up our kid from school down the street and by time he was back, this was finished. A 20 minute Valentine’s Day wreath.

valentine's day mesh wreathNow I must preface this by saying I’ve never made a mesh wreath before. I have no clue how to “really” make one. So if you want to call this cheating… by all means.

OH, and did I mention that the mesh was on clearance? Yeah, Christmas ribbon at 80% off from Michael’s. Cheap and fast… just my style.

easy valentines day wreathThe supplies:
• Straw wreath form still in its plastic
• 7 stems of Valentine’s Day spray ($1.29 each)
• 4 rolls of Christmas mesh ($4 marked down to 80¢ each)
• Greenery pins

mesh valentines day wreathNow let me tell you why this only took 20 minutes at most to complete: I basically let the mesh fall off the roll (as seen above)…

Then grabbed it a couple loops and pinched it together.

valentines day wreath meshThen I pinned it to the straw wreath using a greenery pin.
I did NOT cut the mesh before the next pin. Just keep pulling loops and pinning.

valentines day easy wreathNow since the mesh is a little see through, I did three different layers around the straw wreath form. One in the center, one along the outside of the wreath, and one along the inside of the wreath.

And pretty soon (like less than 15 minutes) your wreath will look like this…

valentines day mesh wreathTo add just a little bit of Valentine’s Day bling, I attached the spray with greenery pins as well.

valentines day heart wreathAnd BAM! A new Valentine’s Day wreath in less than 20 minutes.

valentine's day mesh wreathAnd try to run out and get some of this red Christmas mesh on clearance for 80% off. Seriously. Now if I can go back and find some green for St. Patty’s Day…

quick and easy valentines day wreath

valentines day wreath

easiest valentine's day wreath







  1. Judy I, St. Louis MO says

    Wow! That turned out great. I saw some of that ribbon on sale and just passed it by because I had no idea how to make a wreath with it. I’ll be on the lookout for the ribbon and give it a try.

  2. Karen Henderson says

    Nice. Very nice. Colors are vibrant. I am sure it will take me more than 20 minutes. :( Thank you so very much for sharing you talent with us.

  3. Connie Watson says

    Love this! I am planning a rehearsal dinner with red as a primary color. I am going to try to make a few of these for some extra decor I need; then I will keep one for myself, and give one to the bride, and then have an extra! Your instructions seem simple and very clear! Thanks!

  4. Jennie Duncan says

    What an awesome idea! I can imagine that this kind of wreath can be made for any type of holiday. I wonder what a wreath like this in “Christmas” colors would look like? I saved it to my “Pinterest” board for future reference. You did a great job Erin! Thanks for sharing your great idea!!

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