Powder Room Makeover

Woof. Let me warn you that this is the teeny, tiny space that is impossible to photograph. The entire powder room is only 3 feet wide. Yes, THREE FEET. But since it’s the only bathroom on our main floor, of course I had to spruce it up a bit.

powder bathroom makeoverLast time you saw this bathroom was when I revealed the framed out builder grade mirror. Well let me just say it’s amazing what a little bit of wallpaper and shelving can do.

how to frame a bathroom mirrorFirst thing we did was wallpaper the entire bathroom with Paper Illusions (not an affiliate link). It’s basically wallpaper that you tear into pieces, soak, then throw up on the wall… kinda of piecing the torn papers together as you go. SUPER easy to install and I simply love the look. Plus if a little bit tears off the wall, gets scratched, or simply grungy, it’s oh-so-easy to patch with a new piece that you just put right on top of the old one. My mom’s guest bathroom has the same type of wallpaper. LOVE.

powder room framed mirrorMy favorite part of the new powder room is our floating shelves. With 9ft ceilings in this little room, I needed some vertical design element to take up some space on that wall.

powder room  makeover

powder room makeover shelvesA mix of golds, navy blue and some wicker baskets I had on hand.

powder room shelvesPlus extra hand towels and toilet paper out in the open so guest don’t have to go digging through my vanity.

powder room makeover revealI even have a little box on top of the commode for extra toiletries.

powder room make overThe frames on the wall I scored for $10 each (with the mattes) from Michaels and I just framed sold old fabric I had stored away in my craft room. Just something to add a little bit color to the space.

powder room shelves makeover

hall powder room makeover

powder room makeover artwork

The floating shelves also match our dark wood vanity.

powder bathroom makeover

powder room vanity knobsI added some new knobs to the vanity along with some matching towel hooks on either side of the mirror (we removed the old towel bar since it was pretty big and awkward for such a small bathroom). The new knobs and hooks are from World Market.

powder room makeoverThe wallpaper took me about 5 hours to complete with the help of my 6 year old (don’t judge… or call child labor officials). Then the rest of the bathroom I slapped together in about an hour, including hanging both shelves.

Oh yeah, knocking out rooms in the new house like nobody’s business.
Two rooms in two weeks? That must be a record… for me.


Adding Some Sparkle to a Plain Jane Ponytail

My three year old daughter wears a lot of ponytails, especially when it’s 100 degrees outside like these past couple of weeks! She does wear a lot of pretty hair bows, but while cleaning out my craft closet I found a bunch of ribbon that I thought would be perfect to dress up some of her plain jane ponytails. Pretty cute, huh?

Yeah, here’s just some of the ribbon I’ve collected through the years…at least the solids.  So I gathered a couple of different color combinations and got to work!

I got all of my supplies ready:

  • Different colors & widths of ribbon (cut into 12 inch strips)
  • White embroidery thread
  • Seamless hair rubberbands
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clear nail polish

First I cut all of the ribbon in 12 inch strips. I gathered the colors for the first ponytail together except for one ribbon that I put to the side. I tied the bunch of ribbons in the middle with the embroidery thread.

Next I put a glob of hot glue on the thread and attached the seamless rubberband to the ribbons. Once the glue dried, I took the extra ribbon I had put aside and tied it around the rubberband covering the piece of glue.

To finish, I cut the larger ends of the ribbon at a diagonal and painted the edges with clear nail polish so the ribbon wouldn’t fray.  And that’s it!

Yep, a cute and cheap solution to a plain ol’ ponytail! This is a pretty simple hair accessory to make for any special outfit or holiday :)


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