From Drab to Fab: New Side Table

I found a new end table this past week at St. Vincent De Paul. I really didn’t have a specific place in mind for it, but for only $10 it was a steal! Luckily the end table is made of real wood and from Stanley Furniture so I know it will last! No knicks or dents and the drawers opened smoothly. Yep, definitely a steal for 10 bucks.

First thing I did was clean the entire piece over with a damp cloth. Next was to take out the hardware. I had plan to patch over the current holes and purchase some fab hardware from Hobby Lobby that I eyed over the weekend, but it turned out the current hardware was going to be close to impossible to replace. The drawers were carved out to fit the pulls. Oh well, nothing a little paint can’t fix!

I first painted the drawers using Rustoleum’s flat black spray paint. To get the drawers perfectly painted without getting spray inside, I just held a piece of cardboard to block the spray from entering the drawer.

Next I used a quart of  Rustoleum flat black paint and a roller to cover the base of the end table. Tip: if you run out of paint tray liners, just use a plastic grocery bag. Works perfectly! I put two coats of paint on the entire end table.

So with the current hardware out I decided to paint it silver. I used Rustoleum’s metallic silver spray paint.

When the paint was dry, I refastened the hardware and voila! It’s done.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I decided not to use primer this time. The wood was in great shape and I was originally thinking I would distress the table’s edges. Luckily the paint worked so well that I didn’t have to distress it at all!

Final costs: $10 for the table from St. Vincent de Paul, $8 for the quart of Rustoleum flat black paint, and $4 for the Rustoleum flat spray paint for the drawers. I already had the metallic spray paint from an earlier project seen here. Final cost was only $22!

So, what do you think? I love how the silver hardware pops off the black paint. Now I just have to find a place for this thing…


  1. Mary Light says

    WOW! You make it sound so easy. The cabinet came out really nice. Painting the drawer pulls silver was a great idea. You have inspired me to find something to paint. Thank you.

  2. Lindsey Muenz says

    Very good! You should have a huge sale with everything you’ve made. I’m sure you would make tons back!!!

  3. Dona says

    Beautiful! I’m so glad you didn’t change the hardware….it’s different and gives the whole thing it’s personality!

  4. Liz says

    It’s gorgeous! We just bought a buffet with this same style handles and that’s exactly what I want to do with it. Thanks for the vision:) Don’t you just love St Vincent De Paul! LOL

  5. Christy says

    I have 4 side tables that have that same style of handle…cut into the wood. I want to redo them, but wasn’t sure what colors. I’ll probably steal your colors, but they will look great in my bedroom (only 2 though. Not all 4!)!

    Is there a reason you didn’t paint the inside of the drawers? I’m thinking of painting the inside so they’ll look more uniform when the drawers are opened…

    • howtonestforless says

      The table is against a tan wall so it looked just fine without the insides painted! Also, sometimes you can run into trouble with the drawers opening properly on the side tracks once it’s painted. hope that helps!!

  6. Chris says

    Where did you get the fabric on the pillows? Everything looks great! I am in the process of painting a armoire black and changing the hardware to silver as well. Been looking for an inspiration fabric and that one is perfect.

  7. Myriam says

    I really like your proyects!! I would like to know how to recycle my dinning set of wood, I would like to add red fabric on it. Thanks

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