Bringing the Beach Home: Seashell Wreath

My family finally got home from our Florida vacation late Saturday night and I already miss our lazy days at the beach. To remember our times in Panama City, I thought I would create something out of the seashells my daughter collected.

So first up is a mini seashell wreath to hang on my fireplace just below my mantel! I actually have to give a shout out to my friend Holli. She found a picture of a cool seashell wreath in a magazine, snapped a photo with her cell phone and emailed it to me. LOVE IT! Some people just know me so well :)

For the base of the wreath, I found a miniature grapevine version at the Dollar Store. I chose the 8 inch wreath since I usually use the same size with my Fall and Christmas decorations. It fits perfectly and adds some interest to the gray brick on the fireplace. I also picked up some polka dot gold and white ribbon from the Dollar Store.

I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath as a base for my seashells. I figured it would be easier to glue the shells to a smooth surface, plus I’d rather have the ribbon show when the seashells don’t cover all of the surface area.

Next I laid out the shells to get an idea of the composition. Once I had the desired location for the seashells, I hot glued them around the wreath.

I used some leftover ribbon to use for hanging the newly decorated wreath. And she’s done!

Ain’t she purdy? Here’s another shot against my red kitchen wall. The white shells really pop in this shot!

Now I have the perfect Florida vacation souvenir that we can display every summer!


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    I cannot believe it, I just popped over from the shabby chic cottage to find out you just vacationed in Panama City, We just came back from our vacation there too. I love you shell wreath, what a fabulous idea. I wish I had collected more shells to do this with. Instead I bought a bowl and jar from my fave store today to display the shells I collected, I will take some pics and share them on my blog tomorrow.

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    It’s very pretty and you made it look so easy! I’m not at all crafty.

    I really like the color of the brick on your fireplace. Is that the way it came, or did you enhance it?

    I’m your newest follower.

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    Love your sea shell creations~we came back from Destin Florida a view months ago~not many shells on the beach so i bought some ~great idea!!!! enjoyed your blog ~ would love for you to visit mine~I do crafty stuff too!!

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