Quick & Easy Painted Glass Vases

Need a quick and easy way to add some chic décor to your home on a budget? Then you’ll LOVE these painted glass vases I created for under $7… TOTAL!!

LOVE that (and the price)!

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And the best part? You only need TWO supplies:

  • Clear cheap glass vases ($1 each from Dollar Tree)
  • Acrylic paint in various colors (.59¢ each from Michael’s)

OK, let’s get painting! Pick your desired paint colors and set them to the side so you’re ready to grab the bottles quickly once you get started.

      1. Squirt your first color into the vase.Let it trickle down the side for about one minute.
      2. Now get your second color and squirt the paint inside. Let the colors run together a bit so they streak into one another.
      3. Continue with your various colors until you achieve your desired look.
      4. Softly turn your glass vase so the paint fills in most empty holes and gaps.
      5. Don’t worry about getting every little space filled. The paint will continue to settle in the vase over the next 8-10 hours.

Yep, three beautiful new painted vases to match my Living Room décor for ONLY $7!! So easy to do… even the kids could help! ENJOY!



  1. says

    These turned out great! I’ve done something similar with a single paint color, but it never occured to me to use several colors! LOVE this.

  2. says

    these are beautiful! i have done christmas ornaments like this before. infact i did… so so many for our wedding for favors. never thought of the vase though. a trip to the dollar store to get some vases is in my future! thanks for sharing!

  3. Bee says

    I tried this using just a single color of paint and the paint didn’t stick to the inside of the bottle. Some parts of the bottle are completely clear like I never swirled the paint around and other places the paint did stick. I tried again on a second bottle with the same issue and when I used a long paint brush to try and fix it the original paint that did stick peeled right off. Do you have any tips? I really want to use painted bottle to decorate my bathroom :(

    • says

      Hey Bee, if you’re using a single color I would apply with a paintbrush to the inside of the vase. You might have to do 2 or 3 coats to cover everything perfectly. Also, are you using acrylic paint? It shouldn’t be chipping off. I use acrylic paint on glass all the time. Maybe try glass paint from Folk Art if you’re having trouble?

      • Bee says

        Do you think part of the issue with the paint not sticking is that my bottles once had booze in them? I washed them really well and after swirling the paint I let them dry upside down outside for sevral days. Maybe I’ll pick up some of the glass paint from Folk Art. Thanks for your help!


  4. Pallavi says

    Thanks for sharing the cool idea. Could you please tell me the brand of the acrylic color you have used?

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