Flower Kissing Balls

Have you ever heard of kissing balls? I’m sure you’ve seen them before… either little flower girls carrying them down the aisle or a version of holly or mistletoe during the holidays. Well I love making flowered kissing balls as part of my home décor, especially to adorn the tops of large candlesticks. Super easy and cheap to make!

flower kissing balls craftI gathered my supplies:

  • Fake bouquets of flowers from the Dollar Tree (6 total)
  • Two styrofoam balls
  • Scissors or wire cutters

kissing balls suppliesI trimmed each flower down to about a 3 inch stem. I used a pair of old scissors but wire cutters would probably work a little better.

cut plastic flowers kissing ballsThen just start filling in the styrofoam balls with the flowers. Stick the stem straight into the foam balls and space them out a bit to let the petals and leaves hide the gaps. I varied the colors with different shades of pink as well to give the kissing balls a little depth.

flower kissing ballsAnd that’s it. Seriously a 15 minute project from beginning to end for about $11 per pair of kissing balls.

flower kissing balls craftAnd yes, these are actual fake flowers from the Dollar Tree. Not too shabby, right?

pink flower kissing balls

flowered kissing balls

flower kissing balls craft



  1. says

    Sometimes it’s the easiest things that make the biggest impact – and the biggest moment for a reader to go “seriously that’s all it takes!? doing it.”

  2. Beth says

    What size foam balls did you use for the size in the photo? I have some extra candlesticks laying around I haven’t done anything with in 6 months because I am a bit bored with standard pillar candles. I feel like I have so many of them! This is very refreshing!!!

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