How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Printables

If you’ve been browsing through the internet or Pinterest the past couple of months, you’ve probably noticed the overwhelming number of Chalkboard Printables that have taken over. Seriously adorable, right? Well now I’m going to show you how you can make one yourself! how to make chalkboard printablesTo begin you will need some type of graphic computer software such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. If you don’t have one of those available to you, check out (although you’ll have limited fonts to work with).

Chalkboard backgroundOK, to start off here’s a FREE chalk board background just for you! Yep, just save this background to your desktop to use as the base for your chalkboard art. It is sized to 8×10 inches, perfect size to print on normal computer paper and fit into an 8×10 inch standard frame.

Next download some cool fonts to use from Some of my favorites are:

chalk board fontsAnd just type away right on top of the chalk board background in Photoshop with your new fonts! Switch around your fonts types and sizes to get a cool and fun effect. Also add some Dingbats, dotted and straight lines to add a little pizzazz to your design.

And just for fun I created two chalkboard printables that you can download for FREE!

art is plagairism printableJust right click on the image and save it to your desktop. Open the file from there to print. Print on normal printer paper, trim out and fit in an 8×10 inch frame.

fashion fades YSL printable

You’ll love creating these fun chalkboard printables for every occasion.



  1. says

    these typefaces are amazing. I’ve been searching for the fonts with the right feel for a project like this – thank you for sharing!

  2. Jill Wilhelm says

    Thanks for sharing Erin! I love these…I made one for my daughter to give to her teacher for Christmas and she loved it!

  3. says

    Thanks so much for the chalkboard background to save. I’ve been dying to make my own, but didn’t know where to get a background like that. By the way, is there a trick to using fonts that you download. I don’t have Photoshop so I just use Picmonkey and I”m not sure if you can use them on there or not? Any advice? Thanks again.

  4. Junque says

    Thanks so much for the background and the links, etc. I simply used MS Word and used the background as a picture, then changed the font color and made the background of the text boxes transparent… Easy Peasy!

  5. Amanda says

    Love this whole tutorial! I’m trying to find the border you used on the last image. There are tons on Do you recall the name of the file? thanks!!!

  6. Lisa says

    Love! However, I’m having a hard time adding the fun borders, dingbats etc. in my adobe photoshop elements program. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks!

  7. says

    Hi there! Thank you so very much for sharing your directions on making a chalkboard printable and especially the chalkboard background! I just started a little blog (really only family reading it so far) . I’m trying to understand all the do’s and don’ts of blogging. If I create my own chalkboard printable using your background, may I post it on my blog?. I will most definitely link to your site and give you the credit for the directions and background (and the inspiration).

  8. jenmuddybootdreams says

    Thanks so much for sharing, and such a easy peasy tutorial to follow, I love those kind.

    I can’t wait to create something in Picasa with this…just wondering if anyone else is ever having problems with not all the letters showing up after they are downloaded. T’s and M’s are missing…I’ve googled until my head hurts, can’t find a solution.


  9. Jeanine says

    Thank you for the chalkboard background! This is wonderful! I will be using this for my daughter’s high school graduation party!

  10. says

    I love it! Thank you for the free download! I think I’m going to pay it forward by creating something with it and listing it as a free download on my site.
    Thanks again! I’ll be sure to link back to you!

  11. Rachel Honour says

    Thank you for this. I’ve managed to download the fonts and can see them in Word – I’ve got the blackboard background too. However when I get picmonkey up I can’t see the downloaded fonts. What am I doing there. I’m nearly there, got the background and the fonts just can’t put them together! HELP!

  12. kellyqute says

    Thank you for this! I’ve been playing around with it all day – what a great tutorial! I’m dying to know though – what font family are the dingbats on the sides of “How to” in the post title image from? I think I’ve found every other font you used but that one, and those ornaments are too adorable. Thanks!

    • says

      I think those little ornamental dingbats are actually clip art. I downloaded some different little swirls from Big Stock Photo online. Just do a search for like “black swirls”. Hope that helps!

  13. Rhonda says

    I love all Subway Art, but hate using all of the ink to print the backgrounds. I generally try to find scrapbook paper that is not too busy, in this case plain, create my text and print directly on the paper.

    • says

      You’re welcome Jessica! I got the scrolls from BigStockPhoto. It’s an online source where you can download images for a small fee. Definitely worth it if you plan on making a lot of these!

      • Elena says

        Anyway you could post a link? I searched for black swirls, etc. and can’t find them for the life of me! ;)

  14. says

    Hey.. thanks for posting this!! I have 5 kids and LOVE this idea, but CANNOT PAY for 5 printables!! I do have CS5… suggestions on where to purchase a larger chalkboard template? Thanks so much!

  15. Julie says

    Hi Erin! Love your website and thanks for posting this. I have been searching for the specific dingbat font you used in the “How to make your own chalkboard printable” (specifically the dingbats that surround “How to”). Please share if its not too much trouble. Thank you!!

  16. emuchik says

    Thanks so posting can’t wait to try some for my daughters rustic beach wedding. Wonder if there is paper avail that looks like chalk board so I don’t use up a bunch of black ink?

    • Jenn says

      Why don’t you just save the image and then print it up at Walmart or somewhere that has a photo print station? Do you know where I can find a bigger formatted chalkboard background? I’m on my phone right now. But if I wasn’t I could promise you I would be up 3 days straight playing with these amazing new tricks!!! Outstanding job!!!

  17. Patty says

    Thank you so much for your chalkboard background download and your font suggestions. I just made a “chalkboard” for my parents 50th anniversary. Your help made it fun rather than frustrating. Have a pleasant day! Patty

  18. Audrey says

    Do you have any suggestions if we would like a bigger chalkboard size? If I were to use photoshop would I be able to save it as a bigger size?

    • says

      You should be able to make it 24 x 30 inches without too much pixelation when printed! You can always just create it 8×10 inches and tell your printer to print it 300% as well (or whatever size you need).

  19. Cecilia says

    Thank you so much for the background and the link to the fonts. I found you through a quick search on Pinterest (what a lovely thing that is!). I’m planning on using them to create our Christmas cards this year :)

  20. regina says

    love this! thank you so much! how did you make de border of the second card? because it has something much more complicated than just dotted lines haha, thank you so much!

  21. Rachel says

    When I use this chalkboard background in Word, it looks okay on the screen but when I print it out it comes out as small boxes of this background instead of one big picture if that makes sense.

  22. says

    Love this! I have a wall of just black and white photos and would love to add some inspirational quotes in the mix, this is a great affordable way to spruce it all up! Thx so much :)

  23. Kimberly says

    Thank you, this is awesome. Do u know if I am able to use this template and have printed on 5×7 cards? I was wanting to make birthday invites for my little one!

  24. Jenny says

    You rock! thanks so much for sharing. I also always give back and was thrilled to see someone else doing it. Much appreciate. In Sunny South Africa we would vote you as next president! We need more people like you out there.

  25. Kristin says

    Do you know if you can get it printed bigger than 8×10. I’ve been looking for something like this to do for my seating chart at my wedding but I need it much bigger than an 8×10

  26. says

    I just wanted you to know that your article SAVED ME when it came to chalkboard signs for the wedding. I was going to try to hand letter everything on black posterboard until I stumbled onto this. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

  27. Tani says

    HI There, Really liked the tutorial. Thanks so much. I was planning to make one for my son’s first birthday. But, I am aiming for the size for 25 X 40 in, can you please help me with your advice? I use the same background here you provided for 8X10? I am not really good in computer stuffs, so please forgive me for my nonsense questions (but please answer :P). Thank you in advance.

    • says

      You should be able to create the artwork and have Kinko’s (or whichever printer you use) scale to size. I’ve blown up 300% before without any issues (final size 24×30 inches)! Not quite sure about 25×40 inches though…

  28. Becky says

    Love the look and want to use this for my son’s graduation party in May! But I cannot figure it out and feel really dumb because everyone else seems to be doing ok with it. So I’m frustrated.Can you give me even more basic steps? Thank you for your help!!

  29. Jenna says

    Thank you so so much! I just made an AWESOME (i must say so myself) invitation for my brother’s 30th birthday party!
    I couldn’t of pulled it off with our you! Thanks again so so much

  30. Clare says

    I love these! Thanks! I made some 5×7 invitations for a shower and sent them to the printer and they are having a hard time getting it to print without the chalkboard looking pixelated (has tiny squares showing up). Is 5×7 okay for this background?

    • says

      5×7 is perfect. Make sure you’re saving the JPG correctly when you’re completed with your design. I’ve used this background to make a 16×20 inch poster before!

  31. Susan Shingler says

    Hi. As it’s been may times . . .AWESOME!! I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get the line and dots? Is this one font?? dingbat?? or have you used two to get that and if so, which ones? Thanks.

  32. Susan says

    I am trying to print these fonts on chalkboard scrapbooking paper, with no results. Do I need to change the color of the font to gray or ? HELP!


  33. Amanda says

    Thank you so much. I wanted to get these invitations for my engagement party but I didn’t want to pay for them. But with your help I was able to make them myself and it looks exactly the same as the one I wanted. xxxx

  34. Liliana says

    Hi there,

    thank you for awesome share. May i know what is the name of the font that you use to type “Chalk hand lettering” it seems that i can’t find one at datafont. thank you so much

  35. Emma says

    Thank you so much for this! I wanted two signs for our engagement party and these instructions and background template worked amazingly!

  36. Bonnie says

    Hi I feel so not so smart here. When I download the fonts it comes in as a zip file. I’m not sure how to open them. Am I doing something wrong or do I need something special on my computer. Any help would be so appreciated.

  37. Kristi says

    Thank you so much for these instructions! I did have a question though. I am planning on making this into a poster size (24×36) printed at Staples. Using PicMonkey, should I upload this background using the design option 8×10 canvas to get the best results when printed?

  38. Liza says

    I love this design! I’ve been wanting to have one of these made, but it’s pricey on Etsy. Thank you so much for providing an easy way to make one! Where do you get the lines and swirly scrolls?

  39. dee says

    I love your work and have been trying to create come birthday boards, one is due tomorrow. The main problem I am having is with the horizontal and vertical dotted lines to basically outline each section. I can’t get the correct placement or one fully line in the size I need. Any help would reallllly be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Jen says

      Hey Grace H…what I do is save my file then take it to a copy shop. Their black & white copies are cheap and you save your inkjet ink that cost the same as buying a diamond from a diamond mine…hmmmm. I’m doing printables for my sons wedding and the black and whites are really inexpensive to have printed.

  40. Devin says

    Thank you so much! This was a perfect guide to help me create a chalkboard sign for our gender reveal party! Great info and downloads! Thanks again

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