Bathroom Vanity Organization

I mentioned earlier this weekend that I’ve been trying to organize my home a little bit more this month. I started with my Kitchen Command Center, and now it’s onto my messy Master Bathroom vanity drawer. Yep, just 5 minutes and a couple utensil organizers did the trick…

bathroom vanity drawer organizationOh, here’s what my vanity drawer looked like before…

organized bathroom vanityA little bit of a mess and everything shuffled around when we opened and closed the drawer. So to fix my messy space I bought some different sized utensil drawer organizers for less than $10.

drawer dividers to organize bathroom vanityAnd it’s simply amazing how clean they make my vanity feel!

bathroom vanity organizationOne of the best tricks? I used some mini adhesive mounts on the bottom of each organizer to keep them from sliding around when I open and close the drawer.

adhesive mounts to keep drawer organizers in placeThese mini organizers are perfect for my stray earrings, rubberbands and bobby pins.

small drawer dividers to organize bathroom vanityI also got rid of some of the bigger items and stored them in the cabinets under the sink in nice baskets. I’ll show you some more photos of that space when I finish (well, if I ever start) my bathroom makeover.

bathroom vanity drawer organizationAnd yes, I took a lot of these photos while standing on top of our toilet. Hey, it’s hard to shoot down on a drawer when I’m only 5’3.

hey its me shooting my bathroom vanity organizers


bathroom vanity organization


  1. says

    I love it. I have almost the exact same system in my bathroom and kids bathroom. I buy organizers from the dollar store super cheap and love using sticky foam squares to keep them in place. I can’t stand loose and sliding drawer organizers. :)

  2. Lisa says

    Great blog. I clicked over here from I Jeart Organizing, but like the last comment, I really want affiliate links on the store products where you found your organizing products!,those cute Target labels on your command center….dang, give me a link so I can bop over there and throw them in my cartwheel, those little drawer cups and adhesives? Same thing. Normally, when looking for organizational ideas (and believe me, I need them! Mom of 7 here!) I’d be outta here, but I LOVE your blog! I LOVE YOUR STYLE! So I’m sticking around longer and plugging you onto my blog roll. Thanks for what u do! :) Lisa

    • says

      Aww, thanks Lisa! You’re too sweet ;) Unfortunately I dont have a link for the Target labels on the command center. I guess they’re not available online, bummer! I’ll try to link from now on whenever I can though!! Thanks again, and happy holidays!

  3. Golden says

    So funny about how you had to take the photos! I really love the containers you used. Where did you get them?

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