Blue Hydrangea Door Wreath

Ah, I’m back. I took a little breather last week and enjoyed a long (much needed) break after Memorial Day. I was extremely busy with a lot of exciting news coming down the pike, but I just can’t share it quite yet! …stay tuned.

I also was busy helping my best friend (who also happened to live next door to me) move into their brand new home just a couple miles down the road. As a little house warming gift, I made her a wreath for her front door using her favorite flower, blue hydrangeas.

blue hydrangea door wreathI gathered some supplies:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Fake flowers from Michaels
  • Greenery spray
  • Green wire
  • Burlap

hydrangea wreath suppliesI cut off the stems and tied the flowers to the grapevine wreath using green wire. I just snipped the access off the wire with a little pair of scissors.

hydrangea wreathI just worked my way around the wreath form adding flowers until I was about 3/4 of the way around.

hydrangea flower wreathNext I filled in part of the gap with some greenery spray that I purchased from Michael’s in the clearance bins. Less than $1 each so I grabbed three of them.

hydrangea spring wreathI also purchased a roll of burlap recently and decided to construct my own little bow. I just tied it together with a little piece of twine and tied it to the wreath.

blue hydrangea burlap wreathAnd that’s it! Some beautiful new door bling for my best friend’s new home. I thought adding little bits of green and white would really make the blue hydrangeas pop. And I’m totally loving the burlap bow.

blue hydrangea door wreathI’m also diggin’ these flowers I found in the clearance bin at Michael’s. I got them for $1 each and they were the perfect find!

blue hydrangea wreath

burlap bow hydrangea wreathYeah, it’s kinda sad that now I have to drive a mile or two away to see my friend now rather than just walking out the front door, but at least I’ll get a little smile when I walk up to her new home now and see this ;)



  1. Sue says

    Along with peonies, hydrangeas are my favorite! Thanks for showing how to make this wreath – it turned out so pretty.


  2. Toni Counts says

    I love the burlap bow!!!! Your friend was so lucky to get this. I hope great things are happening. Can’t wait to hear.

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