15 Tools Every DIY Girl Should Own

Whether you’re just starting out with DIY projects or an advanced handyman around the house, here’s 15 Tools Every DIY Girl Should Own someday.

tools every DIY girl should own

1. Tape Measurer
You’ll need to keep one of these on hand for various projects, including measuring walls for painting projects, dimensions for wood cuts, or hanging pictures. Opt for a longer metal one, at least 25ft.


2. Pliers
Great tool to remove stripped screws, but it can also assist with all types of pulling, pinching, stripping wire or even bending metal.


3. Screwdriver Set
You can fix almost anything with this basic tool. It’s a good idea to buy a set with multiple Philips and flathead sizes so you can handle most DIY home maintenance jobs.

screwdriver set

4. Hammer
I’m sure most of you have a hammer at home, but invest in a nice claw hammer. This will help you drive nails but also remove the bent ones (or to remove nails if you make a mistake… which I’m sure never happens). Hammers on hand are great for hanging pictures, putting together some ready-to-assemble furniture or small woodworking projects.


5. Socket Set
Get your nuts and bolts nice and tight with a good set of sockets. Most sets are pretty affordable (around $15) and come with an extension bar, ratchet, and a carrying case.

socket set

6. Level
Take the guess work away and  forego eyeballing when trying to install pictures or shelving in your home. To level longer items, just add a board to the top of your level or invest in a laser level.


7. Staple Gun
I use my staple gun all the time for reupholstering chairs, making wood box valances, and other DIY projects around the house.

staple gun

8. Toolbox
You’ll need a place to store all of these handy tools. A larger one on rollers is great to move around your home or workshop.


9. Power Drill
A rechargable drill is nice for your DIY projects that don’t require mega power. They’re light to carry and very affordable. Great to creating holes, and switch to a screwhead bit to quickly finish your projects.


10. Orbital Palm Sander
If you need to remove a finish or old paint on a piece of furniture, invest in an orbital sander. Great for getting a smooth finish on large surfaces, and the palm sander version gives you great control.


11. Stud Finder
When trying to install shelving or larger pictures, it’s best to nail straight into the wall stud. This tool is great to see behind the walls for you, unless you’re a pro and know how to properly knock on your drywall.

stud finder

12. Brad Nailer
Great power tool for the intermediate DIYer. Nail together window trim, chair rail, crown molding, picture frames and more with this handy tool that you’ll love to have in the home.

brad nailer

13. Jigsaw
I like to do a lot of free hand cuts to create cool shapes and this tool is the perfect addition to any DIYer’s workshop. Also, if you need to do minor somewhat straight cuts, this will do just fine. It’s small and easy to store, plus very affordable.


14. Compound Miter Saw
Get a nice neat finish with this amazing power tool. You’ll get accurate cuts, especially if yours comes with a laser. Also creates 45 degree angles for moldings, trim and other decorative projects. Also useful for making short, quick cuts on basic projects.

compound miter saw

15. Circular Saw
This is a lifesaver for larger projects with multiple cuts. They’re light weight and portable, plus give a great finished edge. Don’t be intimated; you’ll get used to the power and blade quickly and then find dozens of uses for this power tool.

circular saw


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 tools every DIY girl should own




  1. says

    Okay, Lady, you are WAY above my skill levels here, but does it count if my Hubs has all of these available to me? I’m a newbie to your blog. Now I’m really going to explore your previous posts if you work with all of this stuff! :)

  2. Leona says

    I guard my tape measurer! And my hammer. And the rest of my tools. I borrow my husbands power tools, but sometimes he refuses to share and cuts my stuff and takes over. I also have scissors no one is allowed to touch unless they swear to only cut fabric. My collection of straight edges is enviable. I loved your suggestions. Makes me want to start another project!

    • breadoven says

      Great site. I have gone down many of your rabbit holes and found a number of gems. Thanks for sharing.
      My favourite tool is my 4.5″ grinder. I use it to carve wood, stone and build metal projects. Changing the blade every project, of course. For wood carving, the Lancelot blade is the greatest for removing stock quickly. This tool is not for the faint of heart. Wear all the safety stuff and as well a leather apron is a must.
      I took a man’s suede jacket and cut the back out to make an apron.
      Thanks again for sharing your ideas and knowledge.

  3. Claire @ Frontline Tools says

    It looks like you’ve got all the basics covered. All of the above are in my tool collection minus the compound miter saw :)

  4. Shari says

    I love my Rockwell Versa-cut. My husband says I am the only woman that wants power tools for Christmas ,Anniversary, birthdays and Mothers Day. Glad to know I am not the only one that has to have my own tools….lol

  5. Elizabeth says

    I have all of these, except for the brad nailer and compound miter saw .. (and now I know what to put on my Christmas list)!! :) My sister laughs at me for putting tools on my Christmas list .. but as I told her, if I don’t get it for Christmas, I’m just going to go buy it myself anyway!! ;) Recently I saw a tool that I didn’t know existed, and that I simply MUST have … The Kreg pocket screw … (sadly, it doesn’t fit in the Christmas list guidelines/budget … but I WILL get it nonetheless)!!

  6. Diane says

    I finished a 10′ long farm table using miter saw, belt sander, and my trusty Kreg jig set, long with my power drill and screwdriver. Oh yeah, and my band saw on my shopsmith. Love building things!

  7. ODuchess says

    Two more essentials for me: a set of precision screwdrivers–ever try to repair a pair of glasses without one?–and a decent set of Exacto knives. I have a kit with blades ranging from tiny to standard size plus two sizes of holders. They are AMAZING. My list isn’t complete without these, but I do need to add a couple off things from the list above.

  8. Vee says

    Thanks for the wonderful tips on tools. When I was a newbie I purchased most of the tools mentioned here. Much to my horror, my husband gradually confiscated all my tools and combined them with his and put them where I could never find them again. Now this is years later and I am a lot stronger both mentally and physically. I am going to get more tools, but this time I will man my tool box and dare him to touch it. A note to all newbie handy gals watch those hubbies! LOL!

  9. Kris N says

    I own all 15 plus several more. My favorite is probably my orbital sander but my angle grinder is quickly taking over as most used. Especially now that I’ve learned to mig weld.

  10. Nina says

    Great, now I have some more ideas for tools. Clamps and Kreg tools help my solo building a lot. Dreaming of a professional overlook sewing machine these days ;)

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