Pantry Makeover

This past Christmas I gave my mom the gift of organization. Three gifts really: a pantry makeover in January, cabinet organization in February, and a laundry room makeover in March.

So before the blizzard of 2014 hit, I got in the first makeover… HER PANTRY!

moms kitchen pantry makeoverMy mom has a small folding door pantry in her kitchen behind the counter (you might remember the layout from when I painted her kitchen cabinets last year).

Well what’s behind those doors wasn’t so pretty…

pantry makeover for momBut after a couple hours and the purchase of some new baskets and bins, I turned her pantry into this…

pantry makeoverTo begin this project I had to empty everything out of her pantry. Good thing she has a lot of counter space. Yeah, I couldn’t believe how much food she had shoved in that little pantry space.

organized pantry makeoverOnce I washed and vacuumed out the pantry it was time to reline the shelves with new contact paper that I purchased from the local discount store.

pantry makeover contact paperThen I was ready to put back all of the food and start organizing.
Easy before & after, huh?

panty makeover before and afterI organized as I placed things back in her pantry, trying to keep to a zone system.

organized pantry

Most of the bins I purchased from the Dollar Store.
And the tags were from Michael’s in the clearance section.

pantry makeover baking suppliesI like the use of labels and tags as a quick way to see where everything is.

inexpensive pantry makeover

dollar store pantry makeoverThe larger baskets at the bottom are now used for chips and diet foods (purchased from Michael’s at 50% off). And the middle blue stackable containers from the Dollar Store are filled with little packs of peanut butter and jelly for lunches. I love how my mom buys the restaurant-style packs to help count calories and control your portions (you can get them from Amazon here).

pantry organized makeoverI might go back in the near future to add another small shelf to give her just a little more storage, and maybe I should cover that old flowered wallpaper, but overall I’m thinking this organized pantry is pretty practical and well… pretty.

panty makeover before and after

pantry makeover using dollar store supplies


  1. DebZorn says

    I cleaned out cupboards, this weekend.(I don’t have a pantry.) I discovered I have “rice alzheimers. I had five boxes of rice! We are “empty nesters” – I’m pretty sure this will last at least a couple of years. Your mom’s pantry looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kayre says

    I revamped my pantry this weekend, too! Your baskets look nicer than my recycled red boxes from Target…but, since red is a target color in my house…they look nice! I used my new labeler to make everything easy to find!

  3. Artzzle says

    Lucky Mom to receive gifts like that! It always feels wonderful to accomplish a big project like this … probably even more so when it’s done for you! Great job!

  4. says

    That pantry looks awesome. My doesn’t look too bad but your mom’s pantry looks so neat and pretty. I have just odd and end baskets in it for mixes. Maybe I need to get more that match and add some color.
    Something I saw in my new neighbors pantry that I thought was cool…. the shelf for can goods was slanted. You lay the cans on their sides and when you remove a can the others roll down and you can see all the cans and labels. I’m trying to think of a way to revamp my shelves now. mmmm

    Thanks for sharing. Now if you ever get to Houston You can come help me organize. LOL

  5. Ann says

    Do you have any suggestions on deep shelves. I have canned vegetables on those shelves. The canned vegetables are to heavy to put in boxes and remove the boxes to see what is in the back. Help.

  6. says

    Looks amazing, I converted our hall closet into a pantry last year. In the process got shoe box size bins with lids so they can stack (and keep critters out, we live in the bush so get one or two in the fall). I am currently converting all my spices to “mason” jars (125ml, 250ml, 500ml) to help in the organization.

  7. Sherri says

    This looks great! Love the way you put the healthy snacks at eye level and the potato chips on the bottom. – smart thinking :) I’m going to tackle mine this week.

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