Kitchen Cabinet Organization

As mentioned yesterday with my Pantry Makeover post, I’m trying to get more organized in the New Year. So what room do I spend the most of my time in and need the most help with organization? THE KITCHEN.

kitchenThe easiest plan for me was to take photos of all my cabinet exteriors and mark on them in Photoshop what would go where. You could also do this with post it notes!

I decided to break up my kitchen into zones. The first zone was near the dishwasher, the perfect place for my dinnerware, drinkware and silverware… everything that I used on a daily basis.

organized kitchen cabinet tourThe less used kitchen items go higher on the shelves, second set of dishes, nicer mugs and drinkware, and specialty serving pieces.

kitchen cabinet organizedOne of my favorite drawers on this side of the kitchen is my Kid Drawer. Plastic kid cups and plates at my daughter’s height so she can get her own glass of water or plates while I’m fixing her lunch.

kid cup drawer organized kitchenThe side of my kitchen to the left of the sink is my Cooking Zone. Here I keep everything that I need to cook dinners, including all prep work and food storage.

kitchen cabinet organization cookingSince I have a double oven, I have a large cabinet to the right of my stove for all of my pots and pans.

kitchen pot and pan organizationAnd as you can see, I have everything within an arm’s reach. Spices, prep bowls, measuring cups, gadgets, and all kitchen utensils.

kitchen prep zone organizationPlus each drawer is organized with handy little dividers so I can find things in a dash.

kitchen utensil organized drawerThe large center island also has many useful cabinets and drawers. On the left side I keep all of my baking pans and baking supplies. The middle cabinet holds my corningware and bakeware, plus larger appliances like my crockpot. Then the right side cabinet holds all of my cookie sheets.

kitchen cabinet organizedThe center drawers of the kitchen island is a big helper when packing school lunches. They include foil, plastic baggies, and brown paper bags. Then the drawer on the far right holds plastic silverware and napkins.

kitchen drawer organizationNow in my last home I had less than half of the cabinets and about a fourth of the drawers I have now, but no matter your kitchen size you can make an organizational system work for you!

So, who’s up for the challenge to reorganize your kitchen in 2014?
Have you ever made a plan of attack on organizing before?



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