And So The Craft Room Begins…

So since we were snowed in for a couple days at the beginning of the week, I had time to unpack a little of my craft room and put together my new craft desk.

craft room new deskYeah, there’s not much to see as of now. But I do have to say that I love my new collapsable desk from Home Decorators. I purchased it during their big Fall sale and it’s been sitting in boxes ever since.

craft room desk home decoratorsI think what I love most is that the work table fully folds down so I can push it against the wall and get it out of the way when needed.

craft room folding deskAnd both sides measuring sticks. Hopefully that will come in handy when I finally learn how to sew. Yeah, 2014 resolution. I promise.

craft room deskSo I guess next comes paint. I’ve been playing around in Photoshop trying to pick out a color. I don’t know if the rug will stay… not 100% convinced on it yet.

craft room paint colorsAnd here’s a little Photoshop work with my peg boards on the wall.  Remember them from my last craft room? And I’m thinking of getting a nice white storage unit. Need some organization pronto.

craft room layoutThe other side of the room has my sewing desk and a door to the walk in closet (with shelving, extra storage units, and even a window inside).

craft room sewing desk wallI do love this sewing desk ever since I gave it a makeover a couple years ago so had to use it somewhere in my new craft room.

craft room sewing deskAlong with paint for the walls and an area rug, I’ll need an overall color scheme. One of my favorite places to pull color palette inspiration is Design Seeds. Here are some of my favorites using the grayish blue color from the rug…




SucculentTones605So I have a lot of work ahead of me, but at least I now have a starting point.

Here’s my to do list for this room:

• paint the walls
• find window treatments
• storage for the long wall
• hang framed peg boards
• organize walk in closet

craft room new desk



  1. says

    Instead of buying the window treatments you should make them! There are tons of no sew ways to do it, like heat and bond tape which will give you a finished seam without sewing. The other thing is you can try sewing. I’m not a sewer myself. I can do basic things. But I have made my own curtains! Basically if you can sew a straight line you can make them! There are also DIY kits for making Roman shades which are also nice and easy to do! This way your craft room is showcasing your talents in every way possible!!

    • says

      Great idea Kim! I plan on making more window treatments in this house, like the family room and hearth room. This would be a great room to do something a little outside the box though!!

      • kw says

        cloth dinner napkins folded over tension rods make fast, cute and easy to change out valances!
        i have seen cute sheets be used as curtains by putting the rod thru the thicker part of the sheets seam….just fast ideas that don’t break the bank! [good luck on the sewing as well…8th grade home ec was enough for me ~ LoL]

        —-also….i love the rug, the white furniture accents & the ‘pod color grouping of the hues. the grey, ice blue and plum are sharp!
        have fun decorating!!

  2. Soff says

    Though I have commented once before I wanted to introduce myself and say that I adore your blog. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across it anymore but it is definitely one of my bloglovin dailies.

    It is so interesting to see how your new house is coming together!
    Congrats on your blog, house and creativity, really inspiring;)


  3. Mallory says

    Love that area rug! I’ve been looking for a similar one, where did you get it? Is it nice? :)

    Your craft room looks lovely, we just moved and I’m still working on mine, it’s a mess.

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