How to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

Yep, it’s that dreaded space under your kitchen sink. Ya know, that place where you store all of your cleaning supplies and have to dig to find what you’re looking for.

organize kitchen sink cabinetWe’ve been in our house for about 6 weeks and it’s already a mess. So I decided to take 10 minutes out of my day and get it organized. Yeah, take a closer look…

organize under kitchen sinkSo I emptied out the cabinet… uh, how did all of this fit under there? I found three, yes THREE, boxes of trash bags. If it was cleaner I probably would have realized I have enough trash bags to last me until 2015.

organizing under your kitchen sinkSo I headed to my local discount store (Deals) and purchased these items for $9: two school locker shelves, a 3-pack of white bins, and a large blue plastic basket.

under kitchen cabinet storage organizationAnd here’s what it looks like now…

under sink organizationThe locker shelves are simply awesome since they double your space. On the left I have all of my trash bags down below (yes, all 3 boxes) and my floor cleaning supplies above.

under kitchen sink organizationOn the right side of the cabinet I have all of my dish cleaners… dish soap, brushes, detergent, extra sponges.

organization tips for under kitchen sinkThen next to the locker shelves I have my little white baskets. I only used 2 of the 3-pack. One is filled with air fresheners and extra handsoap, the other is for extra Magic Erasers, rags, etc.

under the sink organizationAnd the big basket with handles in the middle? This is what I can take around the house with all of my go-to cleaners: dusting supplies, Windex, paper towels, Clorox wipes, a Magic Eraser, clean rags, etc.

organization tips and tricksUm… why didn’t I think of this before? Rather than running back and forth, just carry all of my supplies with me in a small basket.

No more digging around, plus extra space to grow.

under kitchen sink organization$9 and about 10 minutes of my time.
Yep, totally worth it.

under sink organization

how to organize under your kitchen sink


  1. says

    Oh my, this is a very impressive “After” photo! I’ve had a bash at the cupboard under the sink a few times over the years, we have a few “divide and conquer” plastic boxes under there. I think I need to revisit and have a sort out because mine sure doesn’t look like yours! As time passes, and life is busy I have a really bad habit of bunging things on top of the base layer of organisation. I am officially inspired – thank you!

  2. Karen Henderson says

    The after pic looks great. I do not understand my need to hoard empty containers or better the full ones that I “hate” and will never use. You have inspired me.This is 1st on my to do list in the morning. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  3. Pat F. says

    Looks great, Erin! You have a lot of space under your sinks, lucky you!! It’s amazing all the cleaning supplies that accumulate under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. It makes me crazy when I find two and three of the same items because of organization problems. Yep, it’s time for me to get under the sinks and have a go at it! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  4. Julie K. says

    Having the under-the-sink area organized it’s great, mainly because it helps me to see what I actually have and what I need to buy.
    When it comes to my storage under the sink, it looked similar to yours, but I’ve decided to rather take 15 minutes of my time and to organize it properly.
    I’m really glad that I know what’s where and what is missing now, when I’m going to the store.

  5. Suzan says

    Can you tell me what material your counters are? We just painted our cabinets white and trying to decide on a counter material/color. I really like yours! BTW under your sink looks great!

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