Goodwill Find: Gold Leaf Wall Art

This past weekend was definitely about crossing little projects off my to-do list. I put up my photo gallery wall in the stairwell, updated a lamp shade, and I finally got around to adding a bit of paint to some wall art.

gold leaf wall art makeoverI found these gold leaves at my local Goodwill for $6 but the background design didn’t fit my decor or style. But I just couldn’t look past the awesomeness of the gold leaves so I scooped them up.

leaf wall art from goodwillI have a lot of charcoal blue color throughout my main floor and thought a little bit of paint could totally transform these puppies. 

pittsburgh gray cc caldwell paintThis little sample size paint of CeCe Caldwell’s chalk paint in Pittsburgh Gray has been sitting in my craft room for about a year and luckily it was the perfect shade for my home. And since it’s chalk paint I didn’t have to prep the artwork at all…. well except for a deep clean which really made the gold color pop a lot more!

painted goodwill leaf artSo I didn’t tape off the leaves or anything, just carefully worked my small paintbrush around the gold edges. 

gold leaf wall artwork

gold leaf wall artAnd I found a great little niche to hang these in my kitchen, just a few steps away from my floral and charcoal gray breakfast room chairs.  

breakfast room tableI seriously love the gold. And the gray seems to make them pop even more.

gold leaf wall artwork

gold leaf wall artworkSo they’re hanging in the kitchen now in this weird little empty space. Not quite sure why the cabinets in our new home don’t continue to the edge of the wall leading to our hearth room… but I have an idea for this space.

gold leaf wall artSomeday… and I mean seriously someday in the far future… I’d love to continue the countertop and add a wine fridge down below. Maybe even some wine bottle racks. Ooh, maybe instead of the artwork above some built-ins?

gold-leaf-wall-art-with-wine-cabinet Again, this is a someday project. Not today. I wish.

So, do you ever find stuff at Goodwill and tweak it to fit your style?
Can you picture easy transformations in your head like me? 

gold leaf wall art makeover


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    u did great job with ur leaves,u could use those n alot of places. my 7 year old grand daughter is a G W diva,just about all her clothes r from Good Will .i have a set of 4 margariti classes,with blue swirl n them fr 6 dollars,i us fr ice cream glasses when i want to feel special

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