Craft Room Color

So now that I have found a great piece of furniture for my craft room, I guess it’s time to finish the color on the walls. This is always my favorite part of a makeover… and the scariest.

clark and kensington color swatchesYou already saw the light blueish green color behind my dresser, but I’m thinking of doing some big gray horizontal stripes on an accent wall. Now I did just do gray walls in my guest bedroom makeover and my craft room is across the hall BUT I have an extra gallon of gray paint. And gray stripes is totally different than just plain gray walls, right? C’mon, I highly doubt anyone will ever notice it’s even the same color.


But I also want to add some brighter colors to the room. Here’s kinda what I’m thinking…

craft room mood board 2013Something very girly…
ha, kinda reminds me of my old craft room color scheme.

And yesterday I showed you the Sauder dresser I already added to the space…

craft room storage dresser

So I’m off to paint the rest of the space. We’ll see how this goes. I’ve never done stripes before.
Does anyone have any tips or tricks?

And if you’ve never seen my old craft room, take the tour here.



  1. kw says

    The laser level that you place with command strip helps SO much! Used it for many paid projects and lines.
    Also….this is a life saver….use the laser level gizmo, tape the lines with painter’s tape, seal it with a clear craft paint sealer (a thin coat over the side of the tape that you will paint for your stripe is all you need), let it dry and then paint your stripes. When your stripe is dry and you pull your tape you will have crisp edges that don’t have any bleed thru! It saves you many ‘excedrin moments’…trust me!

  2. Barb Thoennes says

    I love the rolling cart. Where did you get it and is it a large as it looks.
    I am just starting my first craft room in an unused kitchen so I will have
    a sink and lots of cabinets for storage. Need a tall table (i.e. rolling cart).

    • Amy says

      Barb, you might consider the Ikea Norden table. It’s similar in style and a much better price. It’s not on wheels, but that could easily be changed. :) Just a thought.

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