And the Organizing Continues: Scrapbook Paper Pencil Holders

Yeah, I know this ain’t brain surgery… or anything you haven’t seen before. But it’s 5 days before Christmas and my mojo is out the window.

So yesterday I posted my newly organized craft room/home office. Now it’s time to add another finishing touch to add some color to the room.

I spotted these paper pencil holders from Michael’s the other day (6 for about $2 I think). I bought some pretty scrapbook paper (4 sheets on sale for $1) in some pretty colors that I thought would brighten up the room.

All I had to cut was cut the scrapbook paper down to size and use my handy dandy hot glue gun to adhere them to the paper pencil holders.

I have all six of these strewn about the craft room holding my pens, scissors, greenery pins, hot glue gun sticks and more.

I am in LOVE with this fabric scrapbook paper I got from Michael’s! The texture is just amazing and I’m totally diggin’ the patterns.



  1. Caitlin says

    Do you know any good projects to make using old Christmas cards?? I never know what to do with the ones people sent me and it just doesn’t feel right to throw them away!

  2. says

    Very cute! I can tell from these pictures in this post that you have great style. I found your blog from the link party at “Carolyn’s Homework” and am following you now.

  3. says

    Who doesn’t love a fast and pretty project?
    The fabric paper from Michaels looks really cool. I think I might have to go out searching for some.
    (I saw your post on the Sugar Bee Crafts linking party!)

  4. says

    How cute! I love how you lined up your spray paint in rainbow order. That is definitely something I would do :) Thanks for sharing! -Aimee

  5. says

    Very Cute! I am in the process of digging myself from out under the clutter that piled up in my office over the holidays. I save all my tin cans and was using them to hold paint brushes, scissors, etc. Going to cover them with scrap book paper. Why didn’t this occur to me? Good thing I saw this on “36th Avenue”!

  6. says

    I love these. I will be featuring them tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

  7. says

    I did the same thing for less, I recycled tin cans to make mine. I open my cans with a can opener that leaves the top smooth so it’s safe to use them. They look very pretty with my quilting tools in them.

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