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Last June I revealed my Craft Room Makeover (wow, I can’t believe it’s been 9 months already). Since I use this room daily alongside my husband as our home office/craft room, today I though I’d give you a peek inside some of the drawer and cabinets to see exactly how I keep everything organized.

craft-room-makeoverMy favorite organizational tool in this space is my framed peg boards. I purchased two 2x3ft frames from Michael’s for 40% off then inserted some cheap peg boards from The Home Depot (which they even cut down to size for me). I removed the backing and the glass from the frame and hung on the wall using wall anchors.

This space is great to hang some of the tools I use most: scissors, tape, tape measurers, stencils and more. Plus it’s nice to use some lateral space while creating some functional eye candy.

craft room bunting and peg boardsThe 10ft long work desk we built is made up of three cabinets: two single and one double wide. This gave us plenty of drawer and cabinet space, plus two nice workstations so my hubby and I can work at the same time.

On the right side of the desk is where I keep my Silhouette Cameo and paper trimmer. Inside that far right drawer I keep all of the power cords, vinyl, scrapers, and transfer paper.

cameo drawer craft roomIn the cabinet below is all of my painting supplies… yep, my favorite cabinet in the entire craft room. Lots of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, spray paint, little sample jars, paint brushes, fabric paint, chalkboard paint, milk paint and everything else paint related.

craft room paint suppliesOn top of my desk I stay organized with cheap mason jars that hold my small paint brushes, decorative scissors, pens, pencils, colored pencils and small hand tools like my pliers and wire cutters.

mason jars organizeIn the double cabinet drawers I keep a lot of my smaller crafting supplies. The drawer on the right actually is my “work in progress” space. Anything that I’ve recently purchased for an upcoming project goes in this drawer so I know exactly where to find it when I’m ready to begin crafting. Once the project is complete, I find a new home for the supplies and the drawer is then filled with my newest stockpile.

organize craft room deskThe middle left drawer is filled with some of my favorite crafting staples: washi tape, resin flowers, buttons, paper tags, mini baggies, and jewelry supplies.

craft room organizationThe far left drawer is filled with a bunch of miscellaneous items: glue, staple gun, and a new hot glue gun just waiting to be opened.

craft room organizationSince I’m not much of a hoarder (I threw away my wedding dress the day after I got married), the cabinets down below are a little bare… which is a good thing. Room to grow, right?

craft room DIY desk organizationA large basket holds all of my crafting paints. Lots of Mod Podge strewn about. And the three large white boxes hold ribbon and fabric flowers.

craft room organized spaceThe area of my craft room that needs the biggest help right now is the little niche between my window and the closet doors. Right now I have a sewing desk I painted stored over there with some files overhead holding all of my scrapbook paper. I love the hanging files, just need to find out what do to with the space below it (I don’t sew so the desk is kinda pointless).

craft room sewing deskOn top of the sewing desk I have a recycled tray holding some paper cups that I covered in scrapbook paper last year. I store greenery pins, glue sticks for my hot glue gun and craft sticks in them.

scrapbook paper covered paper cupsOn the blank wall near the door I recently hung my necklaces with some DIY Knob Jewelry Holders. Love these.

knob necklace holder in craft roomWell, that’s about it for the craft room organizational tour. I hope you enjoyed taking a little peek behind the scenes!


craft room organization


  1. says

    WOW–I’m jealous you can keep your craft room so clean and organized! I have tons of shelves and yet they are all packed to the gills and boxes are underneath my desk! Great job… maybe I should make a peg board wall! lol.

  2. says

    Wow, great space! Please tell me it doesn’t look like that ALL the time. My craft room more often than not looks like a tornado just ripped through :-) And your sewing desk issue is simple . . . just need to learn to sew, obviously! ;-)

    • says

      We’re in the process of selling our house right now so it’s definitely clean for the time being! And yes, I definitely need to learn how to sew! It’s been on my to-do list for years!!

    • says

      Haha, thanks Chrissy! If he gets a huge flat screen TV in the family room that takes up a whole corner, then I get a pretty craft room and home office. Sounds like a deal to me ;) And good luck with your space!

  3. says

    Holy.Cow. This looks amazing! I’m both jealous that you have this space and awed at how beautiful and organized it is.

    I have to say that I’m mostly inspired by that pegboard framed area. I’ve been trying to figure out a fun-looking way to display a little starter collection of bike license plates for my son and I’m thinking this may be it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. says

    Love that room! It’s great to be able to work side by side without arguing over who has more space ;-) I’m currently creating a craft space in my guest room, and I just love the idea of the cutlery organizer, I’ll definitely have to do that too. Some small stuff like washi tape is never perfectly organized if it just sits in the drawer, right?

  5. says

    This room is epic, what a relaxing and inspiring place! I love the desk – it’s amazing, and all your organizing makes my rubbermaid bins weep. Fantastic job!
    Kim @ Two Ten
    (popping in from TT&J! new follower too!)

  6. says

    I’ve been redoing my craft room since Christmas, it is taking SO long! I’ve actually seen your room a lot of times when looking for inspiration, very beautiful! Great idea to show the insides

  7. Valerie says

    Found you…um, I don’t remember where. Pinterest? Blog link? I don’t remember. Love your desk. Like the whole room actually, but what prompted me to comment was this: You threw away your wedding dress?! Did I really read that right? Is there a blog post about that somewhere. I would love to know the story behind that! :)

    • says

      Haha! Thanks so much Valerie! Yep, I threw away my wedding dress the day after I got married. I should definitely write an entire post about this! Ok, you got it. Post will be coming later this week!!!

  8. Pwhitney says


    Looks great, did you piece your rug together from sq pieces or did you buy it that way? I love it for my room, if you bought it can you tell me where? Thanks

  9. Rhonda W says

    The only line that caught my attention was that you “threw away” your wedding dress. I hope you mean you donated it and not actually threw it away. Well, I wanted to make a suggestion if you do want to get rid of some craft supplies I suggest dropping them off at your local public school and give it to the art teacher. I drop off my scrap paper and the teacher said the kids enjoy having something different than construction paper.

    Your craft looks nice too.

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