The Striped Nursery

So much for a lazy weekend before the big move… Somehow my sister talked me into starting her son’s nursery. I’m actually quite excited about this project though because 1.) I’ve never decorated a boy’s bedroom before and 2) it’s been 8 years since I decorated a nursery.

My sister sent me a photo she found on Pinterest a couple weeks ago for inspiration. The nursery was from Jennifer HSU Interior Design and I instantly fell in love with the look.

IMG_3908 (1)So I headed out to Ace Hardware to pick out some similar paint colors from the Clark+Kensington line.

BLUE: Beyond the Sea 1022 
DARK GRAY: Anchors Away 5062
I started by measuring out the wall and taping it off. Since they’re 8ft walls, I planned for a 3ft section at the bottom of the dark gray and (6) sections of 10 inch stripes at the top (10in x 6 stripes = 60 inches or 5ft).

measure striped nursery wallNext it was time to tape off the walls. Since the walls were already white, I only had to tape off for the blue stripes. I marked off the 10 inch sections with just a little pencil mark in the corners, then Ben held the laser level while I taped off the lines. I have to admit, it was a little off by time we taped off the 4th wall, but there is NO WAY you can tell. I even thought some of the lines would look wavy but nope, you can’t tell at all.

Note: when you put the tape on the walls the width of your stripes are going to look uneven. This is because you’re taping on the OUTSIDE of the blue stripes; the tape is on the white part of the stripes. Make sense?

tape horizontal stripesThen it was time to edge with a paint brush. I first pressed down the tape firmly so the paint wouldn’t bleed underneath.

paint horizontal stripes tutorialThen I filled in the rest with a roller.
I followed the same step with the bottom dark gray section as well.

nursery paint horizontal stripesThen I peeled off the tape and saw this beauty…

nursery striped wallSeriously, I’m in love. This might become my favorite room to date when it’s all said and done. Now we just need to finish the wall art, move the rest of the furniture in here, hang some blinds, and some other minor adjustments.

blue and gray striped nursery

blue and gray nursery

striped blue wallAnd we still need to do the chair rail and picture frame molding, but this room is quickly coming together after just one morning of painting!

blue and gray nursery wall

striped nursery wallSo stay tuned for the rest of this makeover. We close on our new home Wednesday and move in this weekend but I promised my sister I would help her finish the nursery ASAP. Stay tuned!

nursery painted stripe wall 

Baby Face Wall Art

Yesterday I showed you a cute little glider I revamped for my new niece, a little girl named Evelyn. Well, I wanted to make something special for her bedroom as a Welcome Home gift, and found a cute little door hanger from Crafty Couture but unfortunately it’s is no longer available on her Etsy site. So I decided to make one on my own instead!

baby face wall artI gathered my supplies:

  • 8 inch wood circle
  • 10 x 4 inch wood rectangle
  • Acrylic paint for the skin color
  • Pink 3 inch ribbon
  • Pink 1/2 inch ribbon
  • Pink accent jewel
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Black, white and pink paint markers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Drill
  • Picture hanging hardware

It sounds like a lot of supplies but I promise you it’s really not! Most of these things I had stashed in my craft room. Ok, let’s get to work!

paint baby face wall art1. I painted the wood circle a light tan for the baby’s face (the piece of wood I used was beveled on one side so I just painted the back for a smooth, round surface). Once the paint dried, I added the facial features using my paint markers.

2. Next I created a bow for the baby’s hair using the 3 inch pink ribbon used my hot glue to adhere it to the top right corner of the wood circle. To add a little pizzazz I found a little pink jewel accessory on clearance at Michael’s glued it to the middle of the bow.

baby face wall art with bow3. Now it’s time to start working on the little name plate that hangs off the baby face. I found that the best way to apply the name and a fun pattern was to feed normal scrapbooking paper trimmed down to 8.5×11 inches into my computer printer and just print off the baby’s name that I laid out in Microsoft Word. Just make sure you measure beforehand to make sure everything fits!

baby face wall art scrapbook paper4. Before adhering the paper to the wood plaque, drill two holes into the wood so you can hang it down from the wood circle.

baby nameplate face art5. To secure the paper to the wood plaque I just scored and folded it over the edges and taped it in place. No one will ever see the back, right? And softly press a pencil or other tool through the paper and through your drilled holes of the wood.

baby face wall art with name6. Now it’s time to connect your wood baby face with the name plaque with the holes in it. I used the small 1/2 inch pink ribbon. Cut (2) 18 inch pieces of ribbon, one for each side. String both ends of one piece of ribbon through the back of one wood plaque hole and tie together in a neat bow. Do the same to the other side of the plaque with the other piece of ribbon.

baby face door hanger with ribbon7. The other side of your ribbons will be in a continuous loop. I just hot glued these to the back of the wood baby face (the bottom part is so light that hot glue is just fine to keep in place!).

baby face wall art with hanger8. The final touch is to add some hanging hardware to the back of the baby face. And now it’s ready for hanging!

baby face wall artPretty cute, right?
Trust me, the directions made it seem like it took a long time,
but it’s really a quick project if you have all of your supplies ready to rock!

Just paint the face, add a bow, print out a name, tape to a piece of wood,
tie the wood pieces together with ribbon and you’re good to go!