Easter Fabric Scrap Chair Ties

If you saw my Easter kitchen décor post on Monday, you may have noticed the fabric scrap chair ties. They were seriously my favorite part of this mini holiday makeover, plus they basically cost me only $6 to create!

easter decorations kitchenAll I needed for this project was some twine, fabric scraps, and some Command Brand mini hooks.

fabric scrap chair tiesNow normally I purchase a yard each of different colored fabrics for my scraps, but I found this roll of pastel colors on clearance from JoAnn’s so I had to scoop it up. Luckily I already had the twine and hooks on hand from previous projects.

easter fabric scrap chair tiesTo prep the fabric I cut each color in half, then in half again. Next I measured the backs of my 4 kitchen stools for the width of each piece of twine.

There were 10 colors total in the fabric scrap roll so I just tied them onto the twine in a pattern using 2 sets for each chair (20 ties total).

easter scrap fabric chair tiesI tied a little loop onto the end of each twine piece and secured it to the back of the chairs with mini Command Brand hooks.

easter chair ties fabric scrapSuper easy project that I did while sitting on the couch watching TV. Plus it didn’t break the bank. Gotta love those projects!

easter decorations kitchen

kitchen easter chair decorationsMore fun Easter projects still to come next week!
Stay tuned.


St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Banner

If you saw my St. Patrick’s Day kitchen, you may have noticed my little shamrock banner on my metal shelving unit. This was a last minute, super easy project that cost about $7 in new supplies. Seriously.

st patricks day clover bannerSupplies needed:

  • chip art boards or wooden cutouts
  • scrapbook paper
  • foam shamrocks
  • Mod Podge
  • twine
  • scissors

st patricks day banner suppliesI actually found these chip art cutouts from Tuesday Morning of all places. It’s actually a bracket book and I scooped it up for $2. I loved the shape and knew it would make a good template for a banner.

st patricks day bannerI traced the cutouts in scrapbook paper, 4 total. I then trimmed with scissors and used a hole punch to cut the two holes in each paper to match the chip boards. Next I used Mod Podge to attach the scrapbook paper to the chip board cutouts.

st patricks day easy bannerLast step was to add the glitter shamrocks from Michael’s then feed the twine through the holes to hang!

st patricks day clover bannerSeriously a quick and easy project!

st patricks day shamrock bannerNothing too fancy, but not bad for about $7 total in new supplies.

shamrock st patricks day bannerOK, I think I’m officially done with St. Patrick’s Day decorations for this year. Well, since I’ve never really crafted and shared anything for Easter on this blog except for printables, I think I’ll go get a head start on some projects now!

shamrock st patricks day banner TUTORIAL