Yowza, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years with you guys. What a crazy 48 months it has been! Back when I started this blog Ben was in night school and working crazy hours at Red Robin. I was left alone to work on our first home, project by project, with a 3 year old in tow.

Now fast forward to 2015. Our little princess is now 7 and will be finishing up 1st grade next week. And we are moving… again. Yep, we’ve built two new homes since I started this blog. Complete craziness.

So last year I shared with you guys  50 Quick Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me. I was going to try and do it again this year, but apparently I’m pretty boring and not much has changed since last year. So instead I’ll do a quick little giveaway.

So let’s get to know each other…
Easy enough, right?

One lucky winner will be chosen at random to win a

michaels thank you gift card

And in case you don’t remember the random things about me,
here’s the list from last year (updated just a bit)!

  1. I only have one child, a 7 year old little girl named Ellie. She wants to be singer or actress someday, which is why we built her a stage in her last bedroom. Hopefully we’ll be blessed with another kid in the near future (IVF has been pushed back to July or August we think… boo!).
  2. I majored in Fine Arts in college (which means I got to dabble in ceramics, printmaking, photography, painting, drawing and everything else art related).
  3. I started this blog after having only read ONE other blog (Centsational Girl). I had NO CLUE there were so many blogs out there!
  4. I have serious crushes on Joseph Gordon Levitt, Charlie Hunnam, Ryan Reynolds, and Chris Hemsworth (or any guy with an Australian accent).
  5. The first CD I ever owned was The Bodyguard soundtrack.
  6. My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption. A close second is The Royal Tenenbaums. Or You’ve Got Mail. Or Overboard with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn… Anyone? No? Ok… moving on.
  7. If I could have any super human power, it would probably be to breathe underwater. I love to swim!
  8. My siblings and our families gather for dinner almost every Sunday at my parents’ house.
  9. I HATE ONIONS. The texture of them grosses me out. Cooked or raw, doesn’t matter.
  10. I’m as blind as a bat but too scared to get Lasik.
  11. I sliced off the tip of my finger when I was in college with an exacto knife. Don’t worry, they sewed it back on. But it’s still über sensitive.
  12. I love musicals. My favorite is probably Meet Me in St. Louis. Although recently I’ve been addicted to Les Miserables in Concert: 25th Anniversary. I’ve listened to it about 20 times in the past week. Nerd alert. Ooh, and the new movie Into The Woods. Ellie and I have watched it 3 times in the past week.
  13. Some of my favorite bands are Queen, Green Day, Tom Petty, The Beatles and The Cars. I love Classic Rock.
  14. I work 50+ hours a week at my normal job as an Art Director and blog in my free time. But I LOVE my job. Seriously, sometimes I look forward to Mondays. And I would never quit my job to blog full time. I love what I do too much.
  15. My husband drives a 1999 Lexus with about 230,000 miles on it. The metal Lexus symbol fell off the back of the car last week. Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet ride. But I like only having one car payment a month so we will drive the thing until it dies.
  16. I listen to a certain playlist on my iTunes over and over again on repeat. Songs include the live version of Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen, Ain’t No Reason by Brett Dennen (download it now), and Blackbird by The Beatles.
  17. I know my way around Panama City Beach better than downtown St. Louis (and I’ve lived here my entire life).
    ellie profile beach
  18. I love sushi, Bud Light, and fruit snacks. And I’d choose vanilla over chocolate.
  19. I played softball, volleyball, soccer and basketball growing up. Dance class was not my thing, although I can still bust a move.
  20. I sang karaoke only once before and it was just a couple weeks ago. Me and my BFF Morgan sang Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks, even though I hate Country music. But we still nailed it.
  21. I went to Catholic private school my entire life.
  22. I’m obsessed with Cardinals baseball. Uh.. did you see my wreath?
    Ellie & Fredbird
  23. I keep t-shirts way beyond their expiration date. I’m assuming that’s what you call it when they’re covered in holes, stains and paint?
  24. I HATE yard work. More than anything. Seriously. HATE.
  25. I get obsessed with watching shows on Netflix in all-day marathons. Sons of Anarchy (hello Charlie Hunnam!), The Walking Dead, House of Cards… just to name a few.
  26. I love to read (when I find the time). My favorite book is Born to Run by Christoper McDougall.
  27. My favorite fast food is Crazy Bowls and Wraps. Addicted to the buffalo chicken wrap.
  28. I grind my teeth in my sleep so badly that I cracked two teeth in half and had them removed. I still haven’t gotten replacements since I was doing this whole IVF and trying to save money. I wear a flipper with fake teeth for now, like those crazy beauty pageant kids. Yeah, it’s awesome.
  29. I love giving gifts, not receiving them.
  30. I often find myself watching Disney TV shows well after Ellie has left the room. Dog with a Blog. Good Luck Charlie. Austin and Ally. And that red-headed girl Jessie is completely annoying, yet I just can’t look away.
  31. My favorite dessert is Reece’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Gooey Butter Cake.
    chocolate peanut butter gooey butter cake
  32. I’m pretty good at cooking, but don’t get to do it enough with my crazy busy schedule. My favorite dish to make? Ranch Dijon Chicken.
  33. My daughter wore a dress every single day of her life until she was about 5 years old. Yet she’s still a total tomboy who loves to play in the mud and go hiking.
  34. I threw away my wedding dress the day after I got married. Get the story here.
  35. I scanned in my report card my senior year in high school to change my grades. I printed out the fake version and gave it to my parents. They never figured it out (but I did come clean years later).
  36. I started dating Ben when I was 17 years old. We’ve basically been together for half my life (I’m 32 now, yeesh).
  37. I CUSS A LOT. Ask anyone who knows me. Like a sailor.
  38. I’m really bad at keeping my car clean. I’m almost to the point where I’d rather sell it than clean it.
  39. I text with Chelsea from Two Twenty One almost every single day.
    chelsea and me
  40. My hubby has epilepsy. It didn’t start until he was 24 and the first seizure happened while we were driving down an old two lane road kinda in the middle of nowhere. Luckily I was driving at the time. It was a grand maul seizure and he bit his tongue so hard blood was coming out of his mouth. Let’s just say I was freaked out and still have nightmares about that day.
  41. My daughter Ellie has always been an awesome sleeper. Even at less than a year old, she would tap her binky on the edge of her crib to let us know she was awake. Not a single peep out of her. Just tap, tap, tap.
  42. My favorite stores are NY & Company (clothes) and HomeGoods (home). And sorry, but I do love me some Walmart.
  43. I still get zits all the time. Please, someone… tell me it gets better? I’m 33. And it’s annoying.
  44. I prefer The Voice over American Idol (which is good since AI just got cancelled).
  45. I’m very short. Only about 5 foot 3 inches.
  46. My absolute favorite thing in the world is Friday night firepits with my old neighbors.
  47. I’m totally addicted to the website Buzzfeed. It’s basically where I get all of my news… no, seriously. And I get trapped into taking quizzes like what Harry Potter character would you be. You know… cause you can’t pass up knowing that information. And the answer is George.
  48. If I wasn’t a graphic designer, I’d like to be an art teacher.
  49. My biggest regret is not learning how to sew from my grandmother.
  50. I hate ice cream. Unless it’s homemade from a White Mountain machine, which has been a family tradition since before I was born. And lemon flavored ice cream rules the earth.


So back to the giveaway…

michaels thank you gift card

One lucky winner will be chosen at random to win a
Winner will be chosen one week from today.

And thank you again for following my DIY journey!
It’s going to be another crazy year of decorating. Stay tuned :)

What’s Your Wish? #WishesDelivered

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What’s Your Wish?

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