Ceiling Fans: Are You A Fan?


So I’ve started making a mood board for my guest bedroom makeover, but one thing stuck out to me while I was looking for inspiration… do you put a ceiling fan up for practicality, or instead choose some cool ceiling light for aesthetics? Basically it all boils down to: Ceiling fans, yay or nay? When we built our […]

The Great Wallpaper Debate

wallpapered kitchen

So when I was starting my powder room renovation and talking with some old friends about my plans to wallpaper, a couple of them retorted “Wallpaper? Really? Isn’t that very 1980s?”. Well I have news for you friends… Wallpaper is BACK. Actually, it’s been back for awhile. And it’s not your grandmother’s wallpaper with large fruit patterns for the […]

New Projects, New Textiles

blue fabrics

I’ve been on a fabric shopping rampage recently. So many cool projects coming down the pike, and they all involve fabric… and not one ounce of sewing. My kind of DIY. So while shopping recently I noticed some trends that I love, and some notes about my evolving taste in color and pattern. And then […]

Home Goals 2014

home goals 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Well with the start of a new year, I’m making a list of things that I would like to accomplish as we begin 2014 with new beginnings and a fresh start. So what’s on my to-do list for this year? Well, with a 3 week old new home… LOTS!  1. ADD […]


2013 in review

I know this might sound bad, but oh man… am I happy 2013 is over! It was a crazy-hectic year for me with living in our in-law’s home for 5+ months and building our new home. I just didn’t feel creative… probably because all of my crafting supplies were locked away in storage. But there […]

Reader Survey

how to nest for less button

Ok folks, I need some help here. I feel like these past couple of months I’ve been trying to get my groove back in blogging and find out what motivates you guys to return each and every day. It’s sometimes hard to continue blogging when you don’t see the comments from readers or have interaction […]