Big Projects: Where Are We Now?

I have a bunch of big projects in the works right now and thought today was a good time to give you guys some updates.

This past weekend I finished a family room makeover in my parents’ house… well, it’s 95% complete. I had planned on showing you guys that room today but I still need to find one key piece of furniture: a corner TV cabinet. I really want to find one to paint, but haven’t been able to locate one on Craigslist or Goodwill. Keep your fingers crossed for me this next week. I really, really want to show this room to you guys. It’s one of my favorite before & afters! Ok, here’s one little sneak peek…

family room den makeover

I’m at the 90 yard line with this one too. I gave you guys a sneak peek with the paint color, now I’m just putting together the finishing touches. I’m waiting on our mirror to get delivered, need to hang 2 other things plus the chandelier, and that’s about it. Oh so close! Luckily the mirror should arrive in a week or two and then it’s a quick dash into to the end zone.


Last time you saw my butler’s pantry I added some fabric panels to the backss. Well, now I’ve decided to go in a different direction. I think I’m going to paint the backs the same blue charcoal gray color that is on my foyer front door and sun room (which is right across from my butler’s pantry). Then I’m going to store my white stoneware and extra dishes in here.

I also need to finish the backsplash in this area next weekend and find a chair to reupholster for the desk area.

fabric lined butlers pantry

Yeah, this one is taking longer than expected. Her room is so oddly shaped (really long and narrow plus an odd window) that I was having trouble with the furniture configuration once we hung her new curtains that she stole from my craft room. The chest just doesn’t fit now that there’s long curtain panels at that back window.

Ellie’s also in desperate need of a new bed so I’m thinking a daybed might be ideal for the room. I’m also trying to infuse more color and pattern into the space, as per her request. I’m definitely taking it day by day with this project, but at least it’s on my radar.

girl bedroom makeover blue and pinkSo 4 big spaces that are in the works. Oh, and I also have a friend’s powder room that I’m going to start in this next month. Lots of exciting things going on! There’s just something about winter that makes me want to get projects completed. Maybe it’s being stuck indoors with all of this cold weather?

How about you?
Any big projects underway?


Home Goals 2015

With the start of a new year, I’m making a list of things that I would like to accomplish as we begin 2015 with new beginnings and a fresh start.

2015 goals - New Year resolution concept - text in vintage lette

I feel like half of my home goals list from last year are on this new list, but at least I’m quite impressed with how many rooms I got finished in the new home this past year. So, where do we begin in 2015?

Luckily this big project is already underway. I’m hoping to have the final reveal this month if everything goes according to plan. This project was actually on my Home Goals 2014 list, but yeah… that didn’t happen.


I have an idea for this room, it’s just about getting over my fears of tackling new, larger projects. Big time moldings, wallpaper, maybe reupholstering some chairs… it’s going to be gorgeous but I’ll definitely be taking my time with this one.

I want to create lots of storage in the laundry room, plus a place to store extra coats and bookbags. Maybe something along the lines of my old laundry room?

laundry-room-makeover4. THE HALL BATH
This is the bathroom that Ellie uses. I want to add some fun color to this space, make it kid friendly. Right now the only thing I’ve added to this bland room is a shower curtain, and that is even boring.

This is the year I want to get organized. Every closet and drawer serving a purpose and junk free… well, a girl can dream, can’t she? I think my coat closet gave me the little push I needed to get started here.

coat closet makeover

So, what’s on your TO DO LIST for 2015?
Outdoors spaces? Organization? A little bit of everything?

2015 goals - New Year resolution concept - text in vintage lette