No Longer Seeing Red

dining room sea salt straight

The very first thing we painted when we moved into our home over 6 years ago was the continuous wall running from our Dining Room to our Kitchen. We’ve had red as an accent color throughout our home, but now I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to lighten everything up. Live lighter and brighter. […]

Kitchen Makeover Plan


Well, I’m finally ready to start my kitchen makeover! I don’t have the money to completely gut it out, so I’m just planning on some minor (yet major) changes. First here’s some before pics… We’ve had that red accent wall since the day we moved into our new home over 6 years ago. I’ve loved […]

Quick & Easy Painted Glass Vases

painted glass vases flowers

Need a quick and easy way to add some chic décor to your home on a budget? Then you’ll LOVE these painted glass vases I created for under $7… TOTAL!! LOVE that (and the price)! Pin It And the best part? You only need TWO supplies: Clear cheap glass vases ($1 each from Dollar Tree) […]